18 thoughts on “The Most Important Review Ever

    1. I trust you! Trump's future running mate is going to have a blast basking in the free pre-campaign exposure that the lamestream media grants him tomorrow to further expound upon his Very Serious Thoughts about a dumb action movie sequel.

      By the way, I thought of you when voting yesterday at the firehouse around the corner. Can you (or anyone else) clue me in on how to embed pics? I want to share a shot of the beautiful old babe that greets everyone out front each election day.

      1. Internet 'view photo' pics? Put the link in the ////////////// Leave a space after the " that closes the ///////,
        and a thingy< at each end > of the whole thing
        img src="////////" width=" 400" height="400"

        1. Much obliged, Blue!

          I must say, it's fascinating to discover that Wonkville has been isolated from the blogside world for so long now that the Wonkvillains who intermittently call it home have developed their own distinct, superficially familiar, yet frequently inscrutable dialect.

          Thankfully, I'm fluent in over six million forms of communication, so here's ol' "Squrt":

          <img src="https://a.disquscdn.com/uploads/mediaembed/images/3764/7788/original.jpg"&gt;

          (Here's a very bigly version of the pic that you can embiggen.)

  1. One reply about 2h ago……………hurt it did……….still……..can't………..breath…………….beer………..every……where…………

  2. My fave so far: "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan is an action packed movie which also is a sobering warning about people named Khan."

    1. I was gonna copy it, but this one I figured was best left for others to discover too……………..who knows, maybe that person just tweets that regularly.

      Loved your earlier comment about flight in OH. See post below for more evidence.

  3. Another: "Beverly Hills Chihuahua is an action packed movie that is also a sobering reminder about the potential escalation of purse dogs"

    1. "Cinderella is an action-packed movie that is also a sobering reminder about the dangers of diplomatic escalations due to glass footwear."

  4. My favorite so far: "Austin Powers is an action packed movie which is also a sobering warning abt the dangers of men w/ small hands"

  5. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is an action packed movie which is also a sobering warning abt the dangers of huge drunken flesh-eating lizard escalation

  6. Dr. Strangelove is an action packed movie which is also a sobering reminder abt the dangers of the escalating Communist conspiracy to sap and impurify our precious bodily fluids

    (I'm not getting my Twitter account anywhere next to near that crazy bastard)

  7. Twitter's 140 character limit is the only reason someone didn't reply with the entire script of the Bee Movie.

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