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    1. I've only been to a Costco one time. It was a 350 mile round-trip, plus a $35 membership fee to buy a tool box. It was still cheaper than buying it locally. I didn't even know I could eat there, too.

  1. Full disclosure. I have eaten at Costco maybe 4 or five times, , and survived to tell about it. Big slices pizza, I think a Polish dog or two, barbecue sandwich, once or twice. I would not complain if they closed the whole food service op and just had food trucks in the parking lot.

        1. This song was written when Neil owned the house on Point Dume that I had vacated mere months before it came out. 7022 Birdview. I had no idea how good I had it.

          1. None of the houses across the street existed in the late 60s-early 70s when I lived there. It was a view to forever. I don't think The Hoff was anybody at that time, so I doubt if he lived nearby.

            That home was company housing for me. I had no expenses, and $300 a month to play with. Life really was good.

  2. The idea of eating at a Costco makes me want to vomit. If that makes me hipster trash or coastal elite or some such, so be it.

  3. “If white chicks can’t perm their hair – black chicks can’t go blonde.”

    Pretty sure the only thing that stops most people from getting perms is their awareness that things go wrong more often than not, rather than some sort of racial thing. But you do you, honey!


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