93 thoughts on “Scott Pruitt’s Resignation – The Real Story

      1. The younger and more neurotic the study participants were, the more likely they were to dislike the word.

  1. I can’t create a new post from my phone but I would just like to say that the NWS is forecasting temperatures in my area today of 115. I am speechless and also worried about my dogs. Fuck Scott Pruitt may he melt in hell.

    1. Ahhhh, no AC? Oh, right, California. Shoot. If you can run home at noon with a bag of ice, put out a few big bowls full of water, and a few of water loaded with ice. The more cool water they have the better and if it's hot they'll just lie about in the coolest part of the house. They will drink enormous amounts of water.

      In my experience, it takes a long time to heat the house's interior plenum – the hottest time inside is often early evening or at night (just in time for you to start relaxing). If you have a single story house on a poured slab it's very true.

      If you have a fan, this is one of the easiest and cleverest | swamp coolers | I've seen:

      <img src="https://i.ytimg.com/vi/gT-suY9wTuE/maxresdefault.jpg"/&gt;

      Wet towels. Freezing plastic water bottles and staging them in front of the fan works too.

      If it's any consolation (probably not), Great Britain and Europe are getting these brutal heat waves now too, and are terribly unprepared.

      Yeah, fuck Scott Pruitt and the grift express he rode in on.

      1. The towel thing is brilliant. Yes I am about to head out and see how they are, open all the windows, I will do this too. I have a rack like this. I am a little worried this is freakish weather.

        And yes, single story slab no ac. Of course.

        1. Dogs are pretty savvy, they'll sprawl right out on the coolest available surface. Cats also too.

          One of those evap. coolers should work great in your climate, with the low humidity. I understand Biff is a past master of this technique. Doesn't work here, one thing you do not want to do is inject yet more water into the air. The horrific mold bloom will have you ending up all green like Steven King in Creepshow

          Your terrible weather even made |the news here| "Monster" is definitely something you don't want to hear associated with "your weather".

          1. Oh crap I haven’t seen that repot.

            I have an old window unit ac that I think I might as well turn on for them, I avoid using it but as I’ve been driving home and feeling how prickly hot it is outside I think this is the moment to use that. I will put al the critters in the room with the all unit and close the door. The will hate me but at least the will live to do so.

          2. Please don't take this as whining, but last year around this time (it's monsoon season, after all) The humidity rose to over 50% with the temps in the low 100s. I understand that 50% is quite dry for the south and east, but out here it's just unheard of, and it makes life not worth living. Also, and this is the reason for the comment, my damned wallpaper peeled right off the walls. At 50%, or a little over. I've never heard of wallpaper peeling off the walls in swampier climes. I intend to remove the wallpaper altogether anyway, but sweet jebus, why?

      2. I misspoke I have a wall unit ac which is a lifesaver the few times I use it. I just got home, put the critters in the room with the all unit and am heading back to the office. It feels like a furnace outside, literally like a furnace.

        1. I used to have a window mount a/c for this time of year when my swamp cooler is totally ineffective. Maybe I should see if KMart has any in stock. At least for the bedroom, so I can sleep.

  2. “Where, Wise wizard, where can I find the Elixir of Pruitt? Where can I find the balm that will save the people?”

    The wizard sipped his Frappuccino and calmly pondered the middle distance.

    He turned his ancient eyes to the young, perspiring woman, taking in her J. Crew shift dress, rumpled from the humidity, and her hopelessly middle-brow mall shoes, saturated with sweat.

    “Alexandra, my child,” he started, his voice moist from the refreshing liquid, “These treasures are not for the likes of you. They are for the annointed ones. The ones behind the biometrically locked doors which you shall never enter. The ones who sleep on mattresses filled with fairy farts and unicorn breath. They, my child, are the deserving ones who are soothed with the nectar of Pruitt and live their dreams and fly with angels.”

    He took in the despair, the longing for hope in his words that her eyes desperately sought, as they welled with tears, like a sea of broken glass.

    “Yes, my child, sucks for you.”

    1. Thank you for frightening me.

      When I was very small and I saw all the books such as that, that my grandparents were always reading (they kept up) and I thought the world of my adulthood would be a toxic and terrifying place. Then things got better and I realized my world would not be toxic and scary.

      Joke was on me.

      1. Those stories were supposed, like 1984 to be Cautionary Tales, not roadmaps. I hope there's still time to listen to them.

        Sorry, I've been in an exceptionally grim and fatalistic mood all year and I really should start to pull myself out of it.

        This may help: Next week, His Grand Protuberance will away to the UK, where he will meet, if the level of interest and preparation is any guide, an unrelenting avalanche of protest along his entire route for the length of his stay. Fun group activities seem to include a mass pants-free buttock exposure along his parade route, a huge baby-Trump shaped helium balloon hovering near Parliament, lots of crowds, rude shouting and naughty signs.
        and then, there's this:

        Jamie Ross @JamieRoss7

        Absolute lol that Donald Trump thinks he can avoid the worst of the protests next week by spending the weekend in Scotland. |

        Scotland! I really need to see the news video of this and wonder just how CNN is going to blur out all those buttocks.

          1. We need to liveblog this.

            He said the initial crowdfunding target was just £1,000, but this was reached within 24 hours.

            The extra cash will now be used to send the balloon on a "world tour" and "haunt" Mr Trump wherever he goes, he added.

            Over here! Here! Here! Here!

      1. Someone just told me the power has gone off in my neighborhood. And I just drove all the way home to seal my pets in a closed room with ax to keep them cool.

          1. Well I am inside an adobe building so it is prob a good place to be in this heat, until the earthquake hits.

      1. It’s already back down to 112 so that must have just been a spike – like putting a burger under the broiler flame at the last minute to carmelize the top.

        1. Meanwhile, in Scotland:

          Capital Weather Gang liked
          Liam Dutton – Weatherman @liamdutton

          Jul 5
          The provisional new hottest day on record for Scotland, 33.2C on 28th June at Motherwell in North Lanarkshire, has been rejected following further investigation by Met Office. Evidence that a stationary vehicle with engine running parked too close to observing station.


          1. "Down to 112" is small consolation. Anything over body temperature is hazardous. Stay safe.

            (Funny/not funnny: autocorrect wrote "hazardpus" instead of "hazardous")

          2. Autocorrect and phone typing in general changes everything, not necessarily a good thing

          3. [ I confess that earlier I was tempted to ask why

            ….pets in a closed room with ax to keep them cool. , but stopped b.c. I figured you were having a bad enough day. ]

            Now that it's cooling so much, I figure it's ok ]

          4. it Is odd that autocorrect changed “ac” to “ax” – what is your point, autocorrect?

            Also, gave you never used an ax to keep your pets cool? It certainly keeps them quiet.

          5. I'd be concerned – mine cause enough chaos without access to sharpened implements.

            Frozen plastic water bottles. Wet scarf in the fridge. Unflavored Pedialite, Shade. Siestas.
            Evaporation coolers.

            A new administration full of scientists and engineers, nationalizing and breaking up the fossil fuel industry. A worldwide coordinated plan to combat and reverse anthropogenic climate change.

          6. That just made me think of a really good idea: I don't have a big cooler, but I could get one of those cheap styrofoam ones and get some bags of ice. That would really help.

            I have a cooling mat, they are actually quite cool, a small one for cats and a bigger one for dogs. I lay them out on the floor just now, but just like when I bought the mats, none of my critters is the least bit interested.

            Also I came home to find that yes, the power had gone out but is now back on, but when it came back on none of the fans or the ac came back on. So my critters had been here in the heat all that time. fuckin' climate change.

          7. I used to have a cat who would waive his tail over the surface of my pool, just the tips of his fur touching the surface. Kept him cool, I think. It was elegant.

          8. I also find it amusing that phone typing takes me to sites that I wouldn't have visited otherwise. I unintentionally click on ads, which of course then keep popping up, like river cruises I will never take (why try to sell me a damn river cruise?) and driving loafers (is that what one wears on a river cruise? I have never owned loafers, they are stupid Republican-looking footwear), i find myself on people's profiles, which might be a good thing as it makes me appear sociable, and I tend to dial phone numbers that I don't mean to dial.

            And i have small hands, I can't imagine how guys or anyone with bigger fingers ever navigates on a phone.

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