26 thoughts on “Backwards and in High Heels

    1. Don't even get me started on those elementary/secondary educators. They probably have refrigerators, and cellular phones!

    1. I am aware that various rwnjs are pleased with themselves for coming up with "what about the military draft?, checkmate libs!"

      To which I say "tell me more about this draft…"

          1. No. So, what's the deal- Roe v. Wade and elimination of the draft at the same time…should we be outside protesting (or encouraging) recruitment centers?

          2. The point being that if James Woods, et al followed the logic of their "retort" to its conclusion (as you have just done) they would see that it is no retort at all.

  1. Bell Burnell is donating her prize winnings to the U.K.'s Institute of Physics, where they will fund graduate scholarships for people from under-represented groups to study physics.

    "I don't want or need the money myself and it seemed to me that this was perhaps the best use I could put to it," she told the BBC, adding that she wants to use the money to counter the "unconscious bias" that she says happens in physics research jobs.

    Cool. Good for her.

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