32 thoughts on “Hey Arizona! Flat Earth Jebus Is Teaching Science

    1. "Hello, you've reached the voicemailbox of the National Solar Observatory. We can't come to the phone just now because we're all getting anal probed but your call is important to us."

    2. So Sis sent a facebook page that may be from some loony , but is not itself a loony scenario, i.e. that NSO received a dubious package [ talc ? ] via USPS, so they're checking out both.

      1. That's the only explanation I've heard that includes why the Post Office would be closed. Gizmodo comments ran from snarky to much loonier than that:

        Jennings Brown
        9/12/18 9:08pm
        It’s an accidental breach of SIGINT security, the sensors this facility uses accidentally intercepted US military signals without knowing it and someone found out. The FBI was sent in to scrub the data and find out how it was done so either the signals or equipment can be modified. The government does not want the data in the open for intercept and analysts by enemy states.

        The official story will be that a rival state was trying to steal science and technical secrets by hacking into research facilities. One of those hacks was traced to this facility and the FBI showed up to investigate. In a few days there will be an all clear with a stipulation that the FBI is able to leave software or a computer to scan network traffic to see if it happens again. Its a front to keep tabs.

        UPDATE: https://gizmodo.com/telescope-did-not-see-aliens-

          1. I'll take The Desert Oracle's take on this over other folks', that's fer sher. The official story is so fucking cliché at this point it's a decade or more beyond camp.

          2. I really need to memorize that whole schtick so when I'm out with my scope and people ask about UFOs…

            Also, apologies for my original, bitchier comment. No dig intended.

  1. He argued that scientific evidence supports his creationist ideas, including the claims that the Earth is only 6,000 years old and that dinosaurs were on board Noah’s Ark.

    Dinosaurs on the Ark? If that's true where are they now?

    Oh… Well… Uh.

    <img src="https://imageresizer.static9.net.au/ZJj6WuFwxCfYJosoSiL8QAVjxsI=/1024×0/smart/http%3A%2F%2Fprod.static9.net.au%2F_%2Fmedia%2F2018%2F07%2F26%2F12%2F12%2FReal-estate-agent_t-rex-costume_texas_cooking_05.jpg"/&gt;

          1. Alan Greenspan has only been involved in monetary policy for 13.4 billion years, so yeah couldn't have been him.

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