32 thoughts on “What Comes After Farce?

      1. The principle is very simple- coyote approaches, looks at pet wearing that, and dies laughing. Incredibly effective.

          1. I saw a road runner…running across the road…when I drove across messico in 1991. Wasn't expecting it, but it was just like in the cartoon, just poom across the road in front of us as we were driving, bird the size of a chicken, and my girlfriend said "what was THAT??!". I said "I think we saw our first road runner"

          2. Back in the early 90s when I first went to work at Furnace Creek, I'd leave my truck door open to listen to the radio. I hopped in to go home one night and surprised a young roadrunner sleeping in the passenger seat. They're curious birds, and we got along fine once I started feeding him. Meat. They like meat.

    1. Just an add-on to the vests, I give coyotes one generation in the area vests are used for people to be finding shredded bloody remnants of the vests. It may take longer for birds of prey.

  1. EZ, Putin told his boy to cut back on the military.
    <vox Jacov Smirnoff>: In Russia, we destabilize by having democracies spend less on military.

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