53 thoughts on “Stunts We Can Believe In

  1. “It’s fair to say seismic air gun blasting is extremely loud and disruptive … is that correct?” the congressman asked.
    “I don’t know exactly how loud it is. I actually never experienced it myself,” Oliver replied.
    So Cunningham gave Oliver a taste of the 120-decibel horn. An earsplitting sound filled the small committee room. An audience of about 50 gasped and murmured.

    [Stands and applauds wildly]

    “Was that disruptive?” Cunningham asked.
    “It was irritating, but I didn’t find it too disruptive,” Oliver said.

    Well then, how about we set off M-80's every 10 seconds at your dinner table tonight, or flash a 10-second hi intensity strobe light in your eyes as you drive home you miserable fucking biostitute.

    1. I had to drive down to a place on the ocean this afternoon to do an errand and it was all very atmospheric. The wind was whipping the palm trees, icy cold wind, the water was at high tide and incredibly choppy, lots of whitecaps, and a very dark green. End of days.

          1. perhaps the whole thing was constructed to deter the kids from using their phones. Well done!

      1. I mean, they're clipped in and have rings for their hands to grab and footrests the whole way. Not like they're rock climbing or anything…

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