65 thoughts on “Joe Biden has a website problem

  1. ♪ ♫ ♪ ♪ ♫ ♪
    Oh firefox, when will you apply the fix for me

    for me

    when will you apply the fix for me

    1. Imma walk back the headdesk somewhat. Not that it's not possible it happened that way,
      but it is of the form ' sources told FNYT ', so that may mean
      that some things are a little askew.

        1. It was no-paywall today too, for Freedom.
          People are freaking all over the internet.
          I'm trying to only freak-out only every other day.

    1. I kinda remember that report, or report of that report. I was still working for big nature, and it kinda helped
      drive the helplessness.

  2. Corp buys other Corp. Epic paragraph ensues..

    “This transaction will meaningfully transform our portfolio. We anticipate a smooth closing of the transaction and integration of our two businesses, and through adoption of The Win Strategy™ we believe we can capture significant operational synergies. The combination of Parker and LORD is expected to drive significant value for Parker shareholders and be accretive to organic growth, EBITDA margins, cash flow and EPS, excluding one-time costs and deal related amortization.”

    1. one-time costs and deal related amortization = payouts to outgoing execs, layoffs for the little people.

      Also: deal-related should be hyphenated.

          1. Fuck 'em. they're assholes
            It just happened, so don't know nuthin' yet. They may right, but it wasn't Bain that bought them, another manufacturer. Slight chance they won't fuck-over retirees as it might create suspicions among currents.
            Very slim, I know.

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