120 thoughts on “You poor fool! Wait till you see those Dinosaur Bats.

      1. Yeah it's possibly animal abuse but I had to post it because this is the season when California Brown Pelicans are migrating or something, and they're all up and down the beaches every day. They kind of look like aliens, drifting effortlessly above us in squadrons of 10 or more, heads turning left and right as they thoughtfully look below at this and that. Here's a video about how they synchronize their flapping to make the most use of the vortices that flow off their wingtips.


        1. That is cool, tho.

          Browns are due here in the mid-Chesapeake in June or earlier, following herring and menhaden stocks up from FLA. They look and fly like nothing else and I've seen them riding just above the water in ground effect for distance.

    1. In Germany not even a pigeon can afford to run at a higher speed than the one allowed by the highway code: nothing escapes the eye of German photocells, not even on a quiet residential street of placid Bocholt, in western Rhineland. The "click" of the pigeon whizzing at 45 km / h, on a stretch with a limit of 30, also "snapped" the speed camera on the carriageway, immortalizing it in a frame shared on social media now

      <img src="https://scontent-lax3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/60153965_2319224671466998_1739074559283298304_n.jpg?_nc_cat=103&_nc_ht=scontent-lax3-1.xx&oh=c9ec597262a900d77b710e94590d3fb9&oe=5D75DDF1&quot; width=400>

          1. To paraphrase Carlin, "in the event of a minor nuclear exchange, your seat cushion can be used as a toilet"

          1. Step 2 seems like bad advice. Why wouldn't you load up on glasses, bottles, cigarettes, etc?

          2. #3 is bad too. If I'm going to be stuck in a collapsed building after a nuclear holocaust, behind the bar is the only place I'd want to be.

          1. My parents stored water in their emptied gin bottles, just in case of a nuclear attack. Good times!

          2. It was scotch bottles for my parents, but they were always just filled with – scotch.
            I don't remember any prep in my family at all. Considering that I grew up not one linear mile away from Nike Ajax/Hercules Air Defense Battery NY-79/80 (part of the New York Defense Ring), they probably felt that we'd be too busy getting incinerated to properly Duck and Cover.

          3. Didja know those Nikes had 20-kiloton nuclear warheads? Most people probably didn't but it's W'pedia now. I used to work for a guy who'd been a battery commander. The Hercules variant had a range of 90 miles so there wouldn't be much collateral damage, haha.


          4. I know now, but at the time it was hush-hush. I went up there as a kid, when the base was still active,to see the radar. The base commander flat out would not discuss warheads at all.

            I guess the theory was if the nukes didn't toast those Soviet bombers the EMP would disrupt the targeting or bomb initiation electronics. Of course Fail-Safe and Dr. Strangelove showed some clever workarounds to that problem.

          5. Yeah but those were ABMs out in the Dakotas or some damn place, and had a range that would put the intercept point maybe over Canada so who cares except some caribou. The Nike program was a tremendous pork barrel thing, with complexes (barracks, dining facilities, launch control radars, and multiple launch sites) close to every big city, even Honolulu. Being a bureaucracy, the Army hung onto the facilities for 30 years after the program shut down, until BRAC made them give up some of it.

            Here's one of the hardened radar control buildings, called a Missile Master, that was part of each complex. They had "computers" in them. <img src="http://www.radomes.org/museum/showimage.php?name=photos/recent/OakdaleAIPA_MissileMaster-closeup_BirdsEye_S.jpg"&gt;

          6. We had several sites in the Bay Area. Closest to me was [SF-51] and we could go on tours on some military "holidays". There's a fully restored site across the Golden Gate, [SF-58.]
            From a simpler time, we also had these [bunkers.] War porn is nothing new!

          7. The | Sprint | missile had a comparatively tiny warhead, but it made up for it in a wholly terrifying launch:

            Sprint accelerated at 100 g, reaching a speed of Mach 10 in 5 seconds. Such a high velocity at relatively low altitudes created skin temperatures up to 6,200 °F (3,430 °C), requiring an ablative shield to dissipate the heat.[1][2] The high temperature caused a plasma to form around the missile, requiring extremely powerful radio signals to reach it for guidance. The missile glowed bright white as it flew.

            Just the film of that launch should have made the enemy terrorshit themselves and I bet that a big part of the ABM treaty was "get rid of that fucking thing".

          8. 68 launchers of short-range 53T6 (NATO: SH-08 "Gazelle") endoatmospheric interceptor nuclear-tipped missiles at five launch sites with 12 or 16 missiles each. Designed by NPO Novator, similar to US Sprint missile.. These are tested roughly annually at the Sary Shagan test site

            And does that radar look familiar?

          9. Hypersonic missiles are awesome. Man I miss the Cold War. I've seen enough videos of jehadis on jungle gyms at "al Qaida training bases" to think we need an enemy that's worthy of our weapons systems.

          10. Another effective method of dispelling the romance of cold war nuclear terror is to spend some time working in a nuclear weapons lab.

            Or so I have heard.

          11. Apparently the 1983 TV film The Day After had the same effect on Reagan and, later, Gorbachev. If you believe Wikipedia, that is.

            Intensely depressing, along with the Britfilm Threads.

          12. It was a good movie. Shivers go up your spine when you see farmers in N Dak watching contrails from the missile launches.

      1. Miss Scarlett! Miss Scarlett! I don't know nothin' 'bout birthin' no BRGRRRROOONNKGGZZZKKKKKGZLZLRRRR

    1. Fucking unions, how do they work?

      Oh, you mean the workers balance their weaker individual power against the greater power of the employer by collective bargaining?

      Sounds socialist.

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