67 thoughts on “Tuesday Talk on Friday

          1. Bret did ' yer generation sucks ' article referring to Gawker and associated ne'er do wells, possibly
            calling-out Ashley Feinberg by name.
            It doesn't seem to be going well for Bret.

          1. Milkshake Duck is not amused.

            Jedi ++ Pastor franky22#FBPE@remainernowGTTO@RoadTaxWhypay
            Replying to @BurgerKingUK

            Time to "Lactose an intolerant"?

      1. Speaking of poop, the Orange BLOTUS provides such a clear business model for these youngsters, er not so youngsters. Lie, cheat, and steal. And if that needs some help, sue.

          1. BOSTON—The man behind the scheme to help wealthy students get into elite colleges by cheating on tests and faking athletic credentials also advised some families to falsely claim students were racial minorities, exploiting the push to diversify campuses…………

            [ WSJ I reckon ]

          2. True fact: Once did spring break [ driving from Cleveland ] on
            Six idiots in one Dodge.

          3. Only when we got there. Young women at the motel always needed a ride to the bars.
            It was not a muscle car, but large, handed-down-dad-style. It was Terry's, who was kind of a dork, but did have a car.

        1. Sez the executioner couldn't cut her head all the way off, so it took her
          three days to die, singing while she was dying.
          You sure about this?

          1. Brittanica sez that she survived being burned and was beheaded instead, for distributing her wealth to the poor. At the very least, she should have a song.

            The Prefect read her name
            She sang through the clame
            Three times the blade it rang
            Three days the song she sang

            (Not that Cecilia)

          2. Cool
            How do you make the 'blade it rang ' sound?

            Ah, use a slide of course, all the way up the neck, then drum thump.

          3. [Should have been "flame"]

            I can get a chimey bell sound from the electric 12, sharp attack, with some 4s and/or 9s in the chord

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