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  1. That song has always been about how women are the ones who carry, birth and sometimes are left with taking care of and raising children too. Now they want to take away their right to decide if or when they do that. Women should be the ones to make decisions about what affects their lives in such a big way. It seems pretty simple to me.

    It is that simple, unless your ideological end goal is to return half the human population to reproductive indentured servitude, that is.

    | Here's the original, | if for some reason you're unfamiliar.

    1. Actually , yes, was unfamiliar. There's a lot of middle-year Prine I didn't go looking -for because
      didn't need any help getting depressed.

      1. [T]he ruling allows the current license to remain in effect until the matter can be heard in court again on June 4.

        Alrighty, then.

    1. I didn’t get a Thank You @awbw
      Replying to @BenjaminJS

      He is going to crush it as John Bolton in the trump movie

          1. I was kind of a regular at the Avalon. I'd hang out at the dock and load in the bands for free admission. Awesome venue. There's a very similar one still happening in Santa Cruz, [The Catalyst.]

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