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    1. First of all, there's almost nothing cooler than that 1984 PBS logo.

      Somehow this band got past me, thanks. Although I was aware of many REM-adjacent bands (including Michael Stipe's sister's band Hetch Hetchy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eH0QgXdodas )

      Waxing Poetic, like Rain Parade, Dumptruck, and Big Dipper, managed to make solid guitar pop without succumbing to the musical cliches of the time (bassist's hairstyle notwithstanding)

    1. I always like the 'shut up and play', basically, 'shut up and do your job', which,
      of course, would apply to anyone.
      'Everybody, just shut up!'

    1. Rain most of today in Urbana, Illinois. That said still had a great visit. The town has changed a ton. And a great BBQ dinner with baby back ribs.

  1. I get to see our local Jingle Dress Dancers at least once a year. Fancy Dancers, too. It's good to see the youngs carrying on their traditions.

  2. I would just like to say that one of my cats, one who has happily stayed indoors ever since he came here in December, went outside for an adventure last Sunday morning and never came back. I have been beside myself.

    But an hour ago, I heard a branch crack noise in the backyard. I went outside and called his name and heard a tiny meow. Long story short: he is home. I am so relieved. What the fuck, little cat: seven days? No.

    The other two cats seem happy to see him, which is odd because the other two are deeply bonded and snobby and have always treated him like a fifth wheel. But I guess absence makes the cat grow fonder.

    First thing on Monday I am taking him in for a microchip.

      1. Good mews indeed. Yes. After five days I had steeled myself to accepting that he was gone, so was genuinely surprised when he came back.

        I am thinking about making him an indoor cat, whether he likes it or not. He's obviously been in a fight, his chin and ruff are a mass of scabs, ten years old is a good time to retire from being an outdoor kitty.

        The funny thing is Truffles has curled up near him. Hasn't left the room even though his dinner is ready. They normally avoid each other or fight like mortal enemies.

        1. Aw, Troubles

          Cats: too cool to show that they actually appreciate others' company (if anybody's watching).

          Somewhere i have a picture of Mr Glitch sitting in the garden above the spot where Boo was buried, about a week after she left. He missed her, even if they lived their lives at opposite ends of the house.

          1. Aw, poor Boo!

            When Addy died, I put her in a bag in the freezer and she stayed there for two weeks until my friend Jack could come up and dig a hole. When he came, we brought the bag out of the freezer and let the other animals all have a good sniff at her to say goodbye. Then Jack put her in a box and put the box in the hole. Tiki went WILD, trying to bite Jack and stop him. I realized Tiki thought Addy was sleeping and Jack was murdering her in her sleep. I inadvertently traumatized my dog.

            Update on the returned cat: he is now sound asleep in his litter box. That's a first and I hope he doesn't make a habit of this.

            I put fresh litter in it last night, just to be clear.

            Animals are weird.

          2. Maybe he's had it with Adventures, at least for now, and is now content with quiet domesticity, regular food and the luxury of a litterbox.

            Glad he's back safe. I think part of the reason cats do wakabout is to get a charge out of our panic.

          3. It would certainly fit their personalities. I can't imagine a dog ever being that mean to its human.

          4. Not on purpose, no. Cats however… though it's entirely possible they're uninterested in messing with us and they're just going with whatever primal urge floats up into their forebrains. Our panic reactions are just a bonus.

          5. Or constantly bringing annual Cicadas indoors to crunch on them horribly at the feet of an extremely insect-phobic person (not me, of course, but can confirm).

            That's Enertainment

          6. There used to be an overabundance of lizards in the yard. Now there's an overabundance of lizards in the house.

          7. "What? I don't see any of you bringing them inside and they aren't gonna get in here by themselves…"

          8. Cat: "There are never enough lizards inside the house. I speak from experience. My work is never done."

        1. Yes, as if nothing had happened.

          He isn't really mine, he just came with the house. He has other houses, other humans, but I like to think he likes me best. He knows I'm the only one who will spend money on vet bills, anyway.

    1. I'll wait until people have a pillow or something on their desk.
      For those on a phone- do not facepalm with that hand.

    2. So either Schiff is an idiot and bought the grainy video and other bullshit [ misspoke ?! ]
      Knows it's crap but is choosing to go with it
      Iran did it and U.S. has the proof

      None of these is good , imho.

      1. Or

        Taking the opportunity to twist the knife into this Admin's grievous lack of credibility


        Taking that line was the only way Schiff could get on the Sunday shows

        1. Wut?
          I mean, if he said 'Iran' just so he could illustrate our lack of credibility, or because he felt he had to b.c. on MtheP,
          not good also.

      1. There's a few good'ns in there, like the guy who poured sketti sauce on his g/f. Doesn't say if it's marinara or alfredo, but does it really matter?

        1. Last week in Florida, Kyle Jones, 30 was arrested in Martin County for allegedly attacking his partner with a cheeseburger, pulling her hair and then kicking her down stairs. In another case, dancer Shonta Bolds, 36, was charged with aggravated assault after allegedly hurling a coconut at a man who was recording her.


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