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  1. In a clarification, the party, which prides itself as the "pioneers of Social Media in Pakistan," said the mistake came down to "'human error' by one of our hard-working volunteers."

    Wi not trei a holiday in Catistan this yer ?

    1. We apologise again for the fault in the subtitles. Those responsible for sacking the people who have just been sacked have been sacked.

  2. Packaging reduction idea . Still a few details to work-out.

    Re-usable 6,12,24, 30 containers.
    Beer arrives in bulk , on pallets //// or actually be best at local brewery level I guess.

        1. Whatever happened to these? They made good mooring floats or drunken soccer balls, if you're a fan of waking up next morning with a vicious hangover and broken toes.

      1. (CNN)Another US tourist has died in the Dominican Republic, bringing to eight the number of Americans to die in the country over the past year.
        Leyla Cox, 53, died June 10 in her hotel room, Excellence Resorts in Punta Cana confirmed to CNN on Sunday.

        The hotel gave the cause of death as heart attack, citing a forensics report. CNN has not independently confirmed the contents of the report.

        1. Whoa. With this many data points I'm comfortable in ruling out "coincidence".

          What are the chances the maids have an "Arsenic and Old Lace" thing going on?

          1. I think all the sickness and death is a false flag operation.
            [ ok, sure, but why not ?………. ]

      2. So there was an OK Parrothead group AND high school grad trip?
        Separate or same group?

        Same travel agent , must be the 114 is both Parrot and grads.

        1. No, this looks like a whole 'nother group of deathly ill tourists, not affiliated with the previous group of deathly ill tourists.

          I wonder if the locals are getting this sick.

          1. Sorry, not the dead woman…..comment posting confusion, , but you're right anyway
            the HS kids story below reported talked to the same travel agent as went with the parrottheads, for his expert travel agent expertise.

        2. I went on a themed cruise one time. The capacity of the ship was 2,700 plus crew. There were about five separate theme groups on board simultaneously, so it's not uncommon for different groups to be at the same facility. On my cruise, the ones having the most fun were the drunkards. Only a few made it the whole four days with their dignity intact.

          1. The closest I came to that was on an overnight Gulf of Maine crossing on the huge old Scotia Prince Ro-Ro ferry. 4 vehicle decks, 5 passenger decks, dining salon, casino, cabins, the whole bit. Drive on at 9 PM, grab a snack, hit your cabin and get up the next day for breakfast and debarkation. It's the way to travel to N.S. for sure. Someone in the next cabin was chundering away for hours,though, not sure if it was seasickness or casino bar related.

          2. They misspelled "Blotto"

            I'd like to see more drunkard-themed funerals and bar mitzvahs.

          3. Basically, yes. It's a Booze Cruise, where the participants pay a premium for unlimited libations. We left the dock at about 5:00PM, and the first drunkard hit the deck by 6:00PM. I hope she got her money's worth.

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