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        1. The GPS vernier control was way off yesterday- I got pummeled by awful weather off and on all day and Dollar Store Despot got all kinds of aviation flyover action.

          You're not hurting to people you're supposed to be hurting.

  1. Biff, it is saying 7.1 at Ridgecrest, are you OK? If I felt it all the way here it must have been bad at your place.

      1. If you go on Twitter and put in "Ridgecrest Earthquake" there are people all the way up on Sacto showing videos of their pools sloshing.

        Apparently it was felt really strongly down in LA, too.

          1. If aliens are behind this and my Hummels fall off the shelf and break, well they just damn well better have good insurance.

      1. Yes. This was literally about 20 minutes ago. My dogs even got up and were looking around. It was very strong but rolling. and it lasted about 15 seconds.

          1. It's just a little jiggling. It's not like we live in brick houses. Everything here's built to roll with it.

            Also too the wine and the medical cannabis helps.

          2. You'll know it's bad when we stop posting comments because we've been smashed alive in our houses. I got off my couch to check the water in the pool, which honestly was sloshing pretty dramatically, but then I came back in and haven't gotten off the couch since.

            I mean, really, whadda ya going to do? Everything's earthquake proofed, it is what it is.

          1. Now they've renamed yesterday's shaker as a "foreshock" and this is the "main shock". Wait until the big one hits and all the other names will be changed.

      2. Word on the street is that the worst damage is on the base, but it's restricted. They'll tell us what they want us to know.

        1. I remember during the northridge quake and the 10 freeway through the west side was closed for six months because one section just went SPLAT. And all the older, poorly-built apartments around Cal State Northridge pancaked, it was so sad, horrible. And the parking structure at CSUN just rolled over onto its side like a souffle collapsing.

          1. I was in Playa del Rey during the Sylmar quake. It was rude, threw me out of bed. Got up and stood in the doorway and watched the pool over my back fence empty itself. Then my radio alarm clock went off and the first song they played was that Shango number I posted below.

          2. Oh yikes that's some scary shit.

            When the Northridge quake hit I remember realizing instantly that this was a big one and I lept out of bed and raced outside. My parents were ahead of me heading outside, but they were giggling, hahahaha, they just wanted to see the water sloshing in the pool. They thought this was so much fun.

            That was the moment I realized that they were declining and could not longer be left to their own devices. It was almost scarier to watch how casual they were about the quake than the quake was itself. And that sucker was BAD.

      1. I didn't feel the big'n, but I felt a little aftershock a few minutes ago. I'm about 120 miles northwest of Ridgecrest, and Searles Lake is about 15-20 miles east from there.

        1. So that means something in the arrangement of the fault lines is making it radiate northwest, and west, but not northeast, then.

          I'm glad you're OK. :)

    1. I think Northridge about about 7.4? Don't remember right now. But the difference is that the Northridge one happened in a densely urban area. This is out in the desert, although it is probably triggering a lot of PTSD for Northridge survivors right now.

  2. Seismologist Dr. Lucy Jones said the 6.4 is now a foreshock, and the new, larger quake was on the same fault and part of the same sequence.

    So the M6.4 was a foreshock. This was a M7.1 on the same fault as has been producing the Searles Valley sequence. This is part of the same sequence –
    — Dr. Lucy Jones (@DrLucyJones) July 6, 2019

  3. Luckily, Ridgecrest is a low town, the biggest buildings might be 3 stories high.

    My internet backbone runs through there, so it's bound to get sketchier now with everyone looking at it online.

        1. The name of my college friend's Tune They Played To Get Everyone To Leave at the end of the night was called "Rip the chicken's head off"

          I wish I remembered how it went.

    1. This is great Twitter.

      It's refreshing to see a 21st century widespread instant communications medium distributing desperately needed, evidence-based knowledge. For a change.

  4. "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits knitting."


    I wonder what research Love Knitting and Love Crochet did before deciding to pool their web presence under the Love Crafts brand.
    All hail our great Lord Cthulhu!

    <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/D-yMg-EXUAA_cOI.jpg"/&gt;

    Are there any Old Gods on Ravelry? If so, it's interesting that they'll accept tentacled mind-destroying nightmare beings from beyond spacetime, but they draw the line at Nazis.

    Don't blame them.

      1. I'm with you there. Going to a memorial service for a cuz that's gonna be on her birthday. My bride and I are taking party hats just because she was a happy gal and wouldn't want us being morose.

    1. Suzuki will be representing Kagome in the Tokyo Marathon on Saturday 21 February and intends to wear the Tomatan robot during a 5km fun run, with Tosa running beside him with tools just in case the robot stops working or Suzuki encounters a problem.

      A bigger problem than running a 5K while eating tomatoes from a weird automated hat and trying not to choke or vomit?

      Kagome worked together with a Japanese artistic studio known as Maywa Denki, which is well known for making unusual musical instruments and other devices.

      Of course, I just had to go and look at these | "unusual musical instruments" | and | watch them play. |

      I'll never understand much of Japanese culture but this is magnificently weird.

        1. There's more, but I haven't gotten past "Country Roads".

          “Naki” series – nonsense objects done in a fish motif, “Edelweiss” – arty objects done in a flower motif; and “Tsukuba” – their line of musical instruments. Their onstage musical instruments include one that resembles the mating of a xylophone and a helicopter, a robot rigged to play guitar, and various strange percussion instruments.

          I need to find out what "the mating of a xylophone and a helicopter" sounds like.

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