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  1. The intensity of this morning’s rain event ranks among the more extreme summer rain events on record. The 3.53 inches at Reagan National, most of which fell in an hour (between 9 and 10 a.m.), ranks among the top 25 heaviest single day rainfall events on record (since 1871) between June and August and in the top 0.15 percent of summer days, according to Capital Weather Gang’s Ian Livingston.


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    Jesse Ferrell
    The USGS flood gauge at Cameron Run at Alexandria, Virginia (circled here) rose from 3.83 ft to 15.61 ft this morning, as of 10:15 AM. That's 11.78 feet in 60 minutes, 8.71 feet in 30 minutes, and 1.98 feet in 5 minutes. Flood stage is 11 feet.

        1. The visual of Stephen Miller dissolving into an animated pile of what looks like a chunky liver and ground beef shake and flowing under a door so nauseated me I had to stop thinking about it.

          Not saying it doesn't happen, though.

          1. How he has remained mostly under the radar is a mystery to me. Arguably the most evil advisor in the WH.

      1. Thanks, all the nasty weather is south and west of me, even at HQ now. My weather station at home is oddly precipitation-free today. These deluge storms here have been oddly area specific.

          1. “Trump is seen around the world as a Darth Vader-like figure.”

            Dolt Vader.

            But the idea for the speech did not start with the president. It started with consultants on his re-election campaign who have discovered that his environmental record is a definite turnoff for two key demographics — millennials and suburban women, according to two people familiar with the plans.

            There's no one left in that Administration that's willing or able to tell Donald that this is a Very Bad Idea and he should maybe just shut up about it.

            Who's going to draft this speech? It's going to sound like John Wayne Gacy giving a presentation about clowns, written by Jeffrey Dahmer.

            3:30 Creature time

            Watching this live will be so bad for my mental health, or what's left of it, that I just can't. I'll get the text and savage the bastard about it later.

          2. How can anyone stand to watch him. How can anyone watch him and think, OK yes this is fine.

          3. You're not a cruel man, after all.

            Oh, and this:

            Frank Luntz, a Republican consultant and pollster, said he had presented Republican lawmakers with data in recent weeks that showed that the public — and particularly younger people — wanted to see action to safeguard the environment, but that the issue was seen as owned by Democrats.

            “It is still not a top-five priority” among Republicans, Mr. Luntz said. “These guys, they really do care, but they don’t know how to get it done in this polarized environment.”

            Y'see Frank, the Democrats really do own this because since 1995 you, Newt Gingrich and all your ideologically hidebound fellow-travellers purged all of the moderate science based conservationist conservatives from the party in favor of Club for Growth True Believers (see MD District 1, for instance).

            It's not that this batch of Republicans don't care, it's that they really don't give a fuck to the point of being pathologically opposed to any free-market regulatory solutions, especially ones that contain the word "environment" or are even environment-adjacent.

            Like AOC says: this generation has never known Republicans who haven't behaved like angry, stupid buffoons. You built this, deal with the consequences. You can always go back to Las Vegas and disappear again. That would be nice.

          4. should we take a stab on Repub's top 5 issues?

            1. controlling womens' bodies
            2. tax cuts for the rich
            3. gut public education
            4. gut everything else
            5. get folks to think Rs aren't gutless

          5. btw totally O/T but if you're interested- lately I don't have the time to crank out a 6 inch telescope mirror or two a year to give out to friends and family. However, I found a place that sells 4.5" f/8 mirrors for $19. I bought one, it's damn good for a 4.5" mirror (splits the double double, cloud belts on Jupiter and all). They have the stuff there for optics and focuser for a scope that'd set you back all of $60, for a not big but solid scope. It's not as good as a 6" but it's as good as any 4.5" I've seen.

      1. They were out in force. But so were my niece's twins playing softball. – 10 and under, start 'em early. One played 3rd and catcher – kept her throwing hand properly behind her back and made a nice grab of a pop-up behind her without tossing the mask (they don't encourage/allow doing that at this age so tracking the ball isn't as easy. The other played center and first and both got hits. The party hearty came after.

      1. had a helluva time finding which fruit, then puzzled Is this the fruit they mean with the needles?

        In this illustration, an orangutan uses a stick to get seeds out of neesia fruit.

        <img src="http://media1.s-nbcnews.com/j/msnbc/1742000/1742248.grid-4×2.jpg&quot; width="300" height="300">
        <a href="http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3077439/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/discovering-culture-orangutans/%3C/img%20rel=” target=”_blank”>http://www.nbcnews.com/id/3077439/ns/technology_and_science-science/t/discovering-culture-orangutans/%3C/img%20rel=

    1. DMV has informed me that I am required to get a new license photo, and also if I ever want to get on a plane, a RealID.

          1. HA, I wonder if Kelsey wanted to write "Fuckin' Facial Recognition, how does it work?" but either thought better of it or it got edited out.

            On a base abroad, the Pentagon both relies on local contractors for a lot of the day-to-day function of feeding and supplying troops, but is also worried about insurgents infiltrating the base as contractors. Since the trick of the makeup is that it is only worn sometimes, and it can’t be tracked the same as the un-made-up face, if some of those insurgents had worked as contractors, then launched an attack in makeup, and then retreated, it’s entirely possible they could return to the base with a makeup-free face and the system would be none the wiser.

            Taliban Juggalos. Talibaggaloes?

  2. Controversy: I'm going to suggest that we here in Wonkville, as a group, ask a bunch
    of people in the Trump administration resign from their positions!!!

    WHOSE WITH ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. The good news: more kidneys! No waiting!

      The Bad News: We're in court now to declare the Affordable health Care Act unconstitutional which will render all pre- existing condition and lifetime spending cap protections null and void so you'll never be able to afford one!

        1. Tucker Carlson is terrible. He should be frog-marched out of decent society, he does not deserve his platform.

        2. Cannot. Some of that with the treehuggers. Commie fascist , unamerican atheists b.c. we didn't want
          everywhere to be a shithole. No twitter . Sneers in town . Take the distinctive signage off in
          certain counties……..But not a constant barrage of hate , and threats , and lies.

          1. Right, for us it's sticks-and-stones kinda stuff, a nuisance, but we can get away from it. For them it's constant vile violent darkside of humanity, and they can't get away from it. But i also think they won't be brought down by it; they're too tough and they can use much of it to judo their antagonists.

        1. Yeah, at least we don't live in an overweening surveillance state run by corrupt madmen doing nothing to prevent an all but certain catastrophe in the very near future!

          Oh. Wait…

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