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          1. At first they used too high a dose, and the animals “freaked out and did all these color changes,” Dölen says.

      1. I haven't worried about them for about as long as I haven't worried about sharks, dwelling on the far side of the Sierra and all.

          1. Doing a job out of Butte, Montana and went to the | Perkin Noodle Parlor | for dinner one time. Don't listen to the awful reviews, the food and service was fine, (at least it was in the mid-90's). though cuisine is very Americanized.

            Anyway, the place had tables in these weird curtained off cubby-like rooms that I finally needed to ask about. "Oh", the waitress said, "those are left over from when this used to be a House of Ill Repute."

            Oldest Chinese Whorehouse/Restaurant in America, apparently.

          2. Update: | THE LOCALS LIED. | It was never a Brothel, they just amuse themselves by telling the Rubes that.

            It's so depressing.

            Anyway, when I was picking up my air ticket to go out, the guy behind the counter looked at it, chuckled a bit and said "Oh. Butte. I spent a month there one week." Can confirm.

          3. I spent a week there one night, myself. Leaving the hotel on my motorcycle after dark in search of food, I got into some 6 inch deep gravel after they did a chip seal but didn't pick up their mess and I crashed my bike. Food also sucked. Wish I knew about the noodle joint then.

          4. Glad it was low-speed, but an Electra-Glide is not good in loose stuff and is ponderously heavy to pick back up.

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