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  1. Intro voiceover: It was her roommate’s idea, and at the time it seemed like a good one.
    “She said, ‘Let’s do edibles and watch ‘Cats,’ ” says Sarah, a 26-year-old audiovisual producer from Louisville.

    Narrator: It was not a good idea.

    Hundreds of people told The Post their stories about seeing “Cats” while high — some on marijuana, others on psilocybin mushrooms, LSD and other mind-altering substances.
    Here are their reviews:

    “The most incredible cinematic experience of my life.”
    “The most terrifying experience of my life. I swear to God my soul escaped me.”
    “Cried both times. Planning on going two more times.”
    “Vomited four times but ultimately understood the film on a deep level.”
    “Had a panic attack in the middle of it . . . right after Taylor Swift sang ‘Macavity.’ ”
    “When Judi Dench turned and looked me directly in the eyes to let me know that a cat is not a dog, I was terrified.”

    I think the lesson here is that Peyote and Ayahuasca are not Theater goer drugs.

    To be clear, The Washington Post does not endorse illicit drug use. And for most people, “Cats” is unnerving enough sober.

    Have you even read your paper? There's a lot more unnerving things in there than Cats.

  2. …Kate, 31, a medical researcher in Chicago, who soon found herself plotting a “Cats”-based doctoral thesis while still in the theater: She would examine the class dialectic of 1930s London (when T.S. Eliot wrote the poems that inspired “Cats”), the late ’80s heyday of Webber and police brutality in 2019.

    “It doesn’t sound as groundbreaking now,” Kate says, “but please remember I was very stoned.”

    1. Thesis Advisor: "So, Kate, you've finally written up an abstract. Great, may I see it?"
      Kate: "S-sure, here it is…" *hands her a densely typewritten stack*
      Thesis Advisor:*adjusts glasses, reading* "The title is…?"
      Kate: "The Class Dialectic of 1930s London, The late ’80s Heyday of Webber and Police Brutality in 2019, an Integrative Perspective" *grins sheepishly*
      Thesis Advisor: "And you got this concept from…?"
      Kate: "Well, my roommate and I went out to see Cats and…"
      Thesis Advisor: *interrupts* You were stoned, weren't you?"
      Kate "….."
      Thesis Advisor: "…"

      Kate: "… yes …"

    1. “First we wanted buffalo,” Jane says, “until we went to a buffalo farm—”
      “—and they just want to kill you,” finishes her husband.

      Been to Yellowstone. Can confirm.

  3. Merkin Patriot • 9 minutes ago


    Also, Adderall is trending.

    1. Are those bats, or ecce homo?
      <img src=https://media.pri.org/s3fs-public/styles/story_main/public/cecilia-gimenez-ecco-homo-beast-jesus.jpg?itok=VShYYDSe"</img>

      1. Devin Redlich
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        Does the benefit offset the cost of the inevitable car accidents caused by drivers who've had the living shit scared out of them by what appear to be Satan's reindeer?

    1. While the Researchers at the University of Minnesota had some difficulties fitting the 3D glasses on the cuttlefish, they didn't compare with the chaos that ensued when the team tried to fit nightshirts on the octopus.

  4. Today in utterly trivia: A commenter at LGM told another to 'get bent'.

    When's the last time you said, or heard someone say that?

  5. Aaron Rupar
    ‏Verified account @atrupar

    TRUMP: "I give up my salary — it's $450,000, approximately $450,000 presidential salary — I give it up, usually to drugs."

        1. She needed a roomie, when I went to 'interview' I picked-up a dead pigeon in the front yard and
          threw it in the trash bin. She decided that was roomie material.
          She had an attitude when she learned the guy she was dating had herpes .

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