52 thoughts on “The Island of Doctor Guaneau

  1. Based in 19th century American history, Guano! Guano!! Guano!!! takes players from the excrement-laden islands in the Pacific to the mansions of Newport, Rhode Island.

    The excrement-laden mansions of Newport, Rhode Island come later as you bring home a virulent case of dysentery for your friends and family.

    Players start with a small fleet on the way to building their guano empire. On each turn they place workers and ships to explore islands and take guano to various markets (ports). As their empire grows, players build bigger fleets and then spend their profits on luxuries of the Gilded Age.

    With some skill, determination, a bit of luck and some good old-fashioned American grit you too can become a wealthy Pootocrat!

  2. Way back when playing D&D with my nephews I would do more 'acting out' the game than my nephews seemed comfortable with [ which seems to me to be backwards ] , hopping around the house skewering monsters with my broadsword, looking for stuff under the furniture………………..anyway, I wonder how such live -at-home action might figure into this game.

  3. Unrelated C_R_, do you know A.C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama ? I did not,, but
    some tweeter was excited about a movie version. So I may get a kindle or something and check it out.

    1. Definitely pick this one up. One of my all time favorites: great concept & storytelling with Clarke near the top of his game. I bought the Kindle ed. a few years ago for a re-read as my old paperback's gone missing.

      I had heard the sereenplay had been picked up by someone famous years ago but was stuck in something the Hollywooder's call "Development Hell" (I don't know either but it doesn't sound good) so I wrote it off.
      Now it looks like a movie will actually be made.

      Mixed feelings, though I would probably go see it for a nice intellectual sci-fi fest. Movie studios can absolutely wreck a novel onscreen, e.g. Asimov's "Nightfall" or the 80's "Dune".

      Do yourself a favor and do not look up the movie version of "Nightfall". It's too painful and I still haven't gotten over it.

  4. Headline, The Telegraph UK:

    Maya kings were turned into rubber balls after death and used for sport

    The cremated ashes of Maya rulers were turned into rubber balls and used in the world's oldest team sport so that the people could live on after death, according to a new theory about the ancient civilisation.

    Juan Yadeun Angulo discovered 400 urns containing ashes, coal, rubber and roots in a recently uncovered crypt at the Sun Temple at the Toniná archaeological site in southern Mexico.

    1. Cool. Game ON!!!!!!!!!

      [ ashes, coal, rubber and roots will be the title of my Appalachian Tribute Album ]

        1. Git the fellers round the pyramid and make a big fire
          Put yer ol dead King on his funeral pyre
          Git yer ashes and yer roots and yer rubber and coal
          Put em all together, make an ol King Ball

  5. Well, Arthur C. is a bit of a horndog, as was common in the genre at that time, and until very recently . No where near Heinlein level of course.
    Otherwise, our explorers [ one with nice boobs ] find themselves in a bit of trouble at the moment.

    1. R. with R one minute review.
      Cool stuff. The main character is the alien ship.
      But yeesh, A.C. coulda at least had one person die.

          1. The gang on Mercury are assholes. Coulda lost a few of them somehow. Like the ship passes by and blasts it into a billion pieces and they fall into the sun.

          2. One well aimed massive solar flare, as Rama's rounding the Sun ,would do it. Fucking Libertarians.

            My favorite part of the book (at least the first one) is this highly advanced interstellar civilization a) is just using the solar system as a combo gas station/course correction, b) has no idea we're here and c) doesn't care to find out either.

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