139 thoughts on “Well I can’t comment but I can post. Go figger

          1. FFffffuuuuuuuuuuu

            Six inches yesterday, a few more overnight, and it's still fucking dumping.

            I want to speak to the head of the internet.

          2. The highway is closed at the Kern County Line due to power lines across the road, and north of Bishop due to copious amounts of snow. I'm in a little island here, can't go anywhere

          3. The highway patrol is escorting traffic from the mountain resorts down to the valley floor, then cuts them loose. I suppose they're all mine, now. The sun came out this morning, and it is achingly beautiful. Cold AF, though.

    1. Jerry and Sharon are my next door neighbors! They moved to Nevada to be closer to their kids and grandkids, but they kept their house here. That was a stupid thing to do.

      Edit: Keeping the house wasn't stupid, taking off in a blizzard is.

        1. When the story hit the front page of cnn.com yesterday, I figured it would spread. Every article I've read changes the story. Yesterday, I drove 15 miles out the road they say he was stuck on, and it doesn't seem possible he could have gotten more than a quarter mile down it before realizing he was on the wrong road. It was clear of snow yesterday, but there are no poles or markers on it, so he couldn't have known where the pavement was. I hope to get the story straight from the horse's mouth when he shows back up. All of the highways that were closed when he got lost are still closed today, so he's not coming anytime soon.

          1. Heh. You can ask Lot_49 and Glasspusher, we ain't got no diner. Used to, and it was a good one, too. The building still stands, but it'll be a while before they find a new owner for it.

          2. More seriously, I'm sure you have a plan of action for the next coupla weeks. Water gonna start to flow.

          3. Begun, it has. All the lower elevation snow done got rained on and the highway south outta here has been flooded for days. And not just from runoff, but the LA Aqueduct blew out too.

          4. That's how I feel about them too, but they will still get their water one way or another. They stole it fair and square.

          5. I'm not without resources, but if the power goes out, I'm gonna have a harder time of it. Got gas for the BBQ, so I can still cook. Beans will fall through the grill, though.

          6. Do YOU know any venture capitalists?

            By the way, the time stamp on ID says that you replied to that comment 30 minutes before I made it, so we may be in bigger trouble than we thought.

          7. No vc's. Maybe just troll wingers for donations Call 'em Patriot beans or something.

            Uh oh.

          8. Well, we'll have to shoot a Giant Beans commercial to show to the investors. You know, the usual: attractive young people gathered around the barbecue, looking on lasciviously as the chef flips the bean steaks… Frisbees being tossed in the background…etc….

          9. Patriot Beans, my ass.
            I recently bought a big bag o' pintos, and the sumbitches are from Alberta. Frostbacks took are jerbs!

          10. Way back after I had been re-structured out of tree-hugging, I talk to a few people at Native Seeds org. One time I was at their farm and they had trash cans full of fresh picked beans. Didn't get a job, but they gave me about 5 lbs. of beans. Best ever.

    1. Farmers are known to keep vehicles long past their street-legal usefulness, but those two trucks look to have still been road-worthy. Desperate times, indeed.

        1. Apparently, there have been 30 structures lost in Mammoth, and another 50 are red-tagged.
          The latest I've heard is this one had a gas leak inside the unit, not at the tank.
          They already have an insurmountable housing crisis up there. This should exacerbate it some.

    1. thepoliticalcat had surgery this past week

      Sorry, folks, blinder than I was pre-surgery! I can kinda see, but it's still wavery, watery, gluey, and weird. Especially since I have a Real Nose (i.e., not one of those button-shaped, no-bridge noses – this one's a proud salute to my ancestors, who measured royalty by the size of their schnozzes)

      1. I haven't spent much time on mastodon of late, so I guess I missed that. Sorry to hear his luck was like mine. Still blind AF out of my right eye.

      1. For a week or two, it reverted back to the format where you had to input your nym and email before commenting, which didn't work anyway, requiring a moderator to approve it. We all know we don't have mods anymore, and comments have never been allowed anyway.

        1. I was merely trying to gratuitously post the Jim Gaffigan "Hot Pockets" video. It's kind of obligatory, no?

    1. @Biff52@wonkodon.com

      Glasspusher is there too. He was at wonkodon, but they shut his account down for hogging too much bandwidth.

      1. Thanks to all. I know several of you talked about this many months ago, but it was during the mass Xodus, and to be perfectly frank, I was waiting to hear back from you all after you had beta tested the alternatives.

          1. One of the reasons is just to bust balls with all y'all. Especially since the 'ville has limited functionality these days.
            There is a lot of good stuff, but I did [ do ] still spend time muting a lot of people.. Not because of vile posts, but am just not interested in filling up the timeline with stuff I don't care about. Like people live-streaming themselves playing a game.

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