These Are Your New Wonkville Overlords

I asked for volunteers, I heard from a few of you, and through the highly selective process of approving everyone who included their username (Sorry Ed), I have chosen your new moderators, which I think amount to about half of you.

They will be able to do five things for you:

  1. Approve your submissions.
  2. Delete your submissions.
  3. Approve any pending comments. (I have no idea what makes ID decide to throw some comments in to moderation…)
  4. Delete any offensive/spammy comments.
  5. Fix your headlines.

In return for their slavish devotion to the cause, moderators will get the following perks:

  1. Their names will have a blue background in the comments.
  2. Their submissions should automatically post, regardless of IP. If not, they can self approve their own stuff.

So without any further ado, in reverse chronological order, I give you your Oligarchy of Power:

  • Close Read
  • C_R_Eature
  • zippy_w_pinhead
  • snowpointsecret
  • Shelwood

(Mods: I sent you all a welcome email, with really lame instructions. You should also get an email with your PW to Wonkville. If you don’t get one or both of those, holler.)


37 thoughts on “These Are Your New Wonkville Overlords

          1. don't bitch about missing out on the free drinks and hors d'oeuvres (well liquor only- cheap bastards won't spring for the good stuff)

  1. Oh, also: I did manage to get a dump of the old posts, but it is super raw. It might be a while, but some massaging of the data should get it to import to WP, and then I can hook the old ID comments up to the posts.

      1. Yes. You hit the All Posts link, and you get a list, Pending ones should have " – Pending", looks like I need to fix something…

          1. Sorry. But his next two will pend, too, so someone else can play with those (click on Edit, then Publish, then Update). I just didn't want him to feel unloved :)

        1. not seeing the 'all posts' link- checked in IE to make sure none of my web cleaner upper extensions was blocking it

    1. I don't think so. You will step on each other's toes, as WP doesn;t inform you who else is logged in or doing things, but I still see: Karma train hits Trump – Pending

      If you don't I might need to play with the permissions.

  2. Check back in the bin for Vodka oh wise ones………
    Vodka would like to be approved. I'm never around, but the WV crew are my favorite people on the planet when I finally have time to fuck around on the internet.
    Vodka's avatar – Go to profile

    117p · 1 hour ago
    Also too,
    Vodka's avatar – Go to profile

    117p · 1 hour ago
    and three

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