Scotus and the definition of personhood

Corpse on a plane – and it’s the pilot

Focus on Russia- column by a scope making buddy of mine, former high up at NPR

Come to France, where ‘borking the chicken’ isn’t merely a euphemism

Ever fantasize about destroying some municipality or other? Just click the “Detonate” button!
border fence

Interior Secretary named for an economically valuable ore says we’ll build Trump’s wall on the Messican side of the border, because we can.

Source-greasing beat-sweetener by Thrush and Haberman indicates that Pence is the loose lip providing all the juicy gossip.
Bitch please - Nancy Pelosi

♫ She’s Got Leverage, She Knows How To Use It ♫
And you may say to yourself my God what have I done - Trump

Where Are the Good Republicans? Many in Washington are shocked and appalled by Donald Trump’s presidency, but none have the courage to say so.