29 thoughts on “The Island of Doctor Guaneau

  1. Way back when playing D&D with my nephews I would do more 'acting out' the game than my nephews seemed comfortable with [ which seems to me to be backwards ] , hopping around the house skewering monsters with my broadsword, looking for stuff under the furniture………………..anyway, I wonder how such live -at-home action might figure into this game.

  2. Unrelated C_R_, do you know A.C. Clarke's Rendezvous with Rama ? I did not,, but
    some tweeter was excited about a movie version. So I may get a kindle or something and check it out.

  3. Well, Arthur C. is a bit of a horndog, as was common in the genre at that time, and until very recently . No where near Heinlein level of course.
    Otherwise, our explorers [ one with nice boobs ] find themselves in a bit of trouble at the moment.

    1. R. with R one minute review.
      Cool stuff. The main character is the alien ship.
      But yeesh, A.C. coulda at least had one person die.

  4. Cool. Game ON!!!!!!!!!

    [ ashes, coal, rubber and roots will be the title of my Appalachian Tribute Album ]

  5. The gang on Mercury are assholes. Coulda lost a few of them somehow. Like the ship passes by and blasts it into a billion pieces and they fall into the sun.

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