22 thoughts on “I’m a Spy/in the House of Crab

      1. I drove to town and back today, without incident. It was a bit stressful. Some day, maybe I'll get more comfortable at it. If not, I'll probably have to move to town.

  1. I only heard it for the first time yesterday on Sirius/XM. One of the country stations, not sure which. I was a passenger, no control over anything.

  2. On the other hand, ty for the Art&Archaeology feed. I follow them now. I've also become addicted to the Public Domain Review.

  3. I've downloaded stuff from PDR that I may never get to. Like Tlingit Myths [ tribe of Alaska ]
    Zanzibar Stories………… Bon-Mots of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century [ Great Britain ]

    And yes, of course you're hot.
    [ eyeroll ]

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