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  1. Fun Fact I did not know:

    History and Etymology for filibuster
    Noun and Verb
    Spanish filibustero, literally, freebooter

    1: an irregular military adventurer
    specifically : an American engaged in fomenting insurrections in Latin America in the mid-19th century

    M-W Dictionary

  2. Adam Sharp
    ‘Let’s get this show on the road!’ from different languages:

    5. Let’s pick up our hammers! (Bulgarian)
    4. Let’s saddle the chickens! (German)
    3. Let’s go bedbugs, the bed’s on fire! (Finnish)
    2. On with the butter! (Icelandic)
    1. Forward with the goat! (Flemish)

    [ also]

    A Lithuanian expression for telling someone to hurry up or you'll leave without them is traukinys šikančių nelaukia, which means ‘the train won’t wait for those who are shitting.’ A popular Estonian version is situ ruttu, karu tuleb, which means ‘shit faster, the bear is coming’

          1. Probably . Now I have a memory of a sort of shit-on-shingle thing of Campbell's undiluted veg soup on Wonderbread toast.

            although for a while there in the 'hood there were three bakeries within walking distance and rye bread was readily available.

          2. We either got our bread from a bakery truck, or day old at the grocery store after we ran out of the surplus stuff.
            One of the particularly po' folks things we'd eat was called "graveyard stew". Toasted and buttered white bread cut into four fingers, or tombstones, sprinkled with sugar and milk, eaten as a breakfast cereal.
            Note: the butter was margarine provided by the gummint, as was the bread and powdered milk.
            Sometimes we'd have rice instead, also gummint surplus.
            Well hell, I thought it was just a name my mother gave to it to lend credibility or at least levity to our situation, but it's for real, y'all. http://recipecircus.com/recipes/marlaoh/SOUPS_STE

  3. Did Robert Johnson read Virgil?

    It begins with a question cribbed from Virgil’s Eclogues, ………….Delivered by Menalcas as a slight to his fellow shepherd Damœtas’ attempts at song, these lines are translated in the Loeb as: “Wasn’t it you, you dunce, that at the crossroads used to murder a sorry tune on a scrannel straw?”

  4. Godddammittttttt!

    So hired dudes to take down large nearly dead tree. They got the big grinder to chew-up the stump and motherfuck it grabbed and mutilated a desert kingsnake that had been living in it . I been here three years and never saw it out, and surprised there was any kind of snake still alive in the heart of town. So,….fuckshit! Why didn't it just crawl down one of the holes the rotted roots had made? fuckfuckfuck. Trying to keep hopeful that there wasn't just the one around here. Gotta be a small population around right? Right?

      1. It was early on a cold morning so maybe just had shut down for the winter. Still, it shoulda been deeper in the ground.

    1. I come by most every day, looking for a new comment or post. It won't let me post pix, or start new threads, etc. It seems to be too stubborn to die, though.

      1. So was there a wonk-meeting in SoCal?

        ZD gonna stop in Tucson soon, so we may have a cuppa together at some point.

        1. Well, of sorts, I guess. Lot_49 and Glasspusher met up with Callyson, then Lot and Glass came up here for a day. We didn't get to do much, just a bit of visiting and lunch at a BBQ place of some repute nearby.

    1. Glad I got to see the sun yesterday. My solar panels can't make much energy with the cloud cover. I've had to cancel three appointments in Reno/Carson City due to shit road conditions, too.
      Some bullshit, but damn the rain is welcome.

  5. We've had over 8" of rain so far, which is like 4X average. 'course it all flows into the Owens River and heads down to AlterNewt. Use it wisely.

  6. It seems that all of my comments from the last 11 months have the vanished. At least that's the way it appears to me on two different devices.

    1. Yesterday, it wouldn't accept my password. I thought my last thread of a connection had vanished. Still can't post, can't insert pix, but by fuck I can comment again!

  7. They have bumped-up the chance of rain here in the next 24hrs., so I'm optimistic. Of course, after that the lows will dip to 38-40 so nt thrilled about that.

  8. Like, the one I have is great, but it is old. Fine for now, but gonna need fret job and new bridge eventually. That'll cost $300.

  9. I was trying to spare Biff the twitter.

    Also, soon I may be getting into an argument there over whether Mr Ed could dial a rotary phone.

    eta: The topic seems to have been dropped. Whew.

  10. I'm on Mastodon, at least nominally. I can't compare it to the bird site because well, y'all know my thoughts on that place.


  11. WHOA!!!!!!!!!

    Mentioned it to Alter Newt, but he's kinda 'meh'.

    I only got to twitter a few months before the '20 election, so that politics has dominated my timeline there, and only really looked at other stuff that people I followed tweeted.. Spending time at teh don exploring a little more.

  12. I was scrolling through @editrix's contacts there, looking for some others from the past. No luck. Like Limy Lizzie, or Fakakta South. Did find Ken Layne.

  13. I dunno, maybe? She's got her lists locked down, so the only friend I see is Weedlord. She and I weren't exactly BFFs here, so I don't want to barge in. Don't wanna be that guy.

  14. I remember the name, but can't put a face to it.
    I developed feelings for people whose faces I've never seen, and jebus, before I knew Weedlord was a gay man, I proposed!

  15. Yeah, Glass said you lived down there and he was gonna let you know he'd be in town. His wife had some corporate todo in Pasadena, I think.

  16. Back when in winter in Patagonia AZ. [ 4000 ft ] lived in a travel trailer up on blocks with louvered windows that never quite closed and a 'furnace' that kept the bathroom warm but lost all heat to the rest of the place and just blew more cold air. . Much plastic, and yes, risked my life by turning the oven on and heat the place for little while. Better to just go the preserve that had a heated office.

  17. I had an apartment for about 6 years with Jalousie windows. Plastic helped, a little.
    I was on the ground floor. The upstairs unit had an open ceiling, no insulation. The heat would melt the bottom layer of the snow, then refreeze into a solid glacier of ice. The icicles were massive, and more than once they curled in and broke a louver or two. I started reloading some 12 gauge shells with #8 shot and rock salt. I'd go out in the middle of the night and blast them. It took a while for the salt to work its magic, but it really helped keep damage to a minimum. FREEDOOOM!

  18. Ah yes, Cleveland. Roof snow melt onto gutters and freeze. Didn' have a shotgun, Had to reach-up with a steel rake and bang on them enough to crash.

  19. I took one of those 3 day cruises to Ensenada, and the Trailer Park Troubadours was the featured artist. It was a lot of fun, really. Cruise ships may be breeding grounds for every disease known to man, but there were no screaming babbies, so that was nice.

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