35 thoughts on “Natl_[REDACTED]_Affadavit

  1. I knew it would be bad but Boy Howdy it's *Bad*. The fact that That Former Guy and his band of unpaid tenthwit semi-lawyers were pushing this release and thought it would be a good thing for them just shows us the limits of where bullshit, rage and fantasy can go. I know repercussions are going to be a shock for a mobbed-up Golden Boy who's careened through the world leaving the wreckage of destroyed companies and lives in his wake for others to clean up, never facing the consequences – and making money hand over fist in the bargain – but get a load of the bright red line this towering simpleton stepped over:

    <img src="https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FbGkHglWQAAx3gV?format=jpg&name=medium"&gt;

    There's no gray areas, no interpretive wiggle room and no amount of bluster that can fix this. These documents were stuck in boxes in the totally unsecured basement of what has to be the biggest nest of foreign spies and nefarious actors in the western hemisphere and I'm thinking that the entire US National Security apparatus are gulping antacids because now all their threat estimates have to assume that every one of these documents has been compromised.

    No one person comes out free and clear from this, because TFG may just have fatally damaged most or all of our agencies for a generation and, if sources and methods have been compromised, people will be killed. Maybe they have been already.

    For 5 years now my small hope that the one good thing that would come out of the debacle of the TFG presidency was that the Republican party had lashed itself so closely to him and his brand that, when the inevitable fall happens, he'd take the whole rotten corrupt Right Wing architecture down with him. It looks like it might finally be happening but, if it does, I hope we don't get taken down with it.

  2. Yeah, so, come to think of it, didn't that Natl_REDACTED_ Cmdr dude stop in just before warrant for MAR came down?


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