Shield Your Eyes From The Warmth of This Father-Daughter Bonding

24 thoughts on “Shield Your Eyes From The Warmth of This Father-Daughter Bonding

  1. Advice for every politician: Don't try to force a hug on your daughter in front of cameras. You will be embarrassed. Proof: This video, as well as the million eye rolls at Obama dad jokes from Malia and Sasha.

  2. After seeing this, I'm sure Barack and Michelle are going to be buying the girls sundaes tonight for merely rolling their eyes and not trying to flick Dad away like a bug.

    1. "In honor of" is one way of putting it. It was a good article, but I was baffled by the idea that you could have 60's nostalgia in 1972. I was 19 at the time, and thought the 60s were still alive.

      1. Mike wrote and published that article in 1972. I think it's a pretty common conceit to think the decade is behind you once the odometer hits 0s again, and it's only in looking back from a decade on or so that you realize how long the decade-named era actually overlapped past its supposed expiration date.

        1. True. I think of late 50s-early 60s as rock 'n' roll, and late 60s – early 70s as peace, love and borrowed mysticism. Then we got disco, pub rock and punk in quick succession, and it's been a confusing handbasket ride ever since.

    1. When I saw the clip, I thought she must be about 14-15, and it was no big deal; he shouldn't do unscripted hugs. Then I checked and she's about 8. Not good.

  3. The reason I remember it is because for some reason I was awarded COTD?

    SorosBot • 3 years ago

    Why does every Jerk Baby have to pick their nose? If I was being held by Old Handsome Joe, my finger would not be up my nose.

    smokefilledroommate • 3 years ago

    Jerk Baby also climbs people like trees. Seriously, what a rude fucking Jerk Baby.

    commiegirl99 • 3 years ago

    SMOKE you made me laugh like a crazy person!

    smokefilledroommate • 3 years ago

    Give me a job.

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