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  1. For some foreign policy experience, he plans on attending the next Washington Capitals-Ottawa Senators game (in 'Murica, of course.)

  2. Internal divisions were also complicating efforts to set up Trump's senior White House staff. Longtime aides are fearful of being left out of the mix as incoming White House chief of staff Reince Priebus builds out the West Wing team. Trump had given Priebus wide authority in the decision-making over White House jobs.

    But four people involved in the transition said Trump was irritated after learning of his loyalists' frustrations with Priebus in recent press reports. Trump made his displeasure clear to Priebus, who has begun outreach to some of the people who worked on Trump's campaign from the start.

    Two of those sources said Trump's irritation contributed to a decision to hold off on announcing his pick to succeed Priebus at the Republican National Committee.

    I'm going to get whiplash trying to keep up with these assholes, aren't I?

    1. Hey, Cally, so who's tweets help keep you sane. Actually not signed up but I did bookmark some for easier checking . Eichenwald , Fahrenthold, Bouie, Ta Nehisi, Legum , Reid are all kinda serious journos, at the moment can't think of any of the fun ones……..need your help.

      1. No! GOP! No! is a good one. Charles Blow has been on fire lately. Laura (@SheWhoVotes), Republicans R Evil, la bibliotequetress, and LOLGOP are good. Kaili's tweets have been good as well, and try LOLpatriarchy. Enjoy!

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