73 thoughts on “Democracy?!

  1. Amendment 4 passed in Florida. !.5 million ex felons can now vote.

    Not that I typically hang out with ex felons, but the ones I know are trumpsters. So we can take that "win" with a grain of salt.

        1. We used to do them small scale with a barrel full of diesel. Before it cost more than 50 cents a gallon, anyway. Big fun, little mushroom clouds.

  2. In a local, non-partisan race in which a very good friend of mine is running for re-election, well, he has won, or at least is well ahead of his challenger, with 45% of the votes counted. No way his challenger will catch up. This is a HUGE relief, because his challenger, while a well-intended and charming person, is hopelessly useless and unsavvy at politics, I mean HOPELESS and would be a NIGHTMARE if he had won.

  3. Haha, Twitter:
    Woke Romney

    3h3 hours ago
    Please remember that no matter what happens tonight, Ted Cruz will still be a gigantic asshole and no one loves him. #Election2018

  4. Get this: In Milwaukee, they are reporting that 65 percent of registered voters have voted. 65 percent for a frickin' mid-term.

  5. Looks like we flipped the 8th CD up here (the Ds will have 7 of our 10 seats), passed a gun control initiative, and a dedicated tax to increase training for local and state popo on how to deescalate potentially violent or violent. Although I want more, that would be piggish, and couldn't be having that kinda behave from a well-behaved hog.

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