75 thoughts on “What time does this shitshow start, anyhow?

  1. So's I typed into the googles, I typed, "What time does the stfu Donny start," well, I was gonna, but I got as far as "What time does the stf" and the googles filled in the rest. Seemed sorta fitting.

          1. I am having ground turkey that I was going to use for a turkey and zucchini lasagna but I got home and was too tired to compose the lasagna and I'd already defrosted the ground turkey and just cooked it and ate it by itself.

            On the upside, it was pretty darn good.

  2. I had every intention of employing the tradition of mashing the MUTE button on this number and playing some | extremely evil music | for amusement, but I've decided I'm really not up for having to watch that puffed-up huckster and his degrading blizzard of bullshit tonight. There are limits.

    I'm listening now to ancient Celtic instrumental music, reading a book and having tea like civilized people used to do back in the Holocene.

      1. No . Pinochle, or hearts , or gin. I tried bridge when sis and bil were teaching me, but
        too big a pain in the ass for me. Too many secret handshakes and shit.

          1. OMG I'm sorry if I gave that impression.
            I asked them to teach me to
            fill-up the space of 'we really have nothing to talk about , do we."

  3. Story:

    So I finally sat down to go online tonight, sitting here on my sofa, was here about 15-20 minutes, so IOW had not just walked in the door.

    Suddenly I feel something crawl out of my hair behind my ear and down onto my neck. It feels about the size of a pencil eraser. I FREAKED OUT, as one does, and SCREAMED and swept my hand through my hair and FLUNG whatever it was across the room. This all happened in about a second.

    Now I am wondering: What the hell was it? Is it still alive? How did it get in my hair? How did I not feel it until just now? I tried to find it but of course I can't. I wish I had reacted a little more slowly, but then again, nah.

    This is somewhat unsettling.

      1. Yes! That must be it! Honestly. That really takes a load off my mind. Plus there was a moth in the kitchen from last night that I never took outside.

  4. It is so damn cold here right now. 43 degrees. I need to go out to the garage and get a lightbulb but I am afraid I will not make it back alive.

    1. Currently 29 here. We typically drop 10 degrees overnight, so I'm expecting to be dead by morning. But the sun may appear tomorrow, and I'd like to stick around to see that.

          1. Wunderground is showing statewide records for the day and all the coldest ones are in your neck of the woods.

    1. I no longer claim the bad places as my home town(s). One of them is buried under 11 feet of snow this morning. I don't want any part of that.

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