46 thoughts on “Protest at U. of A.

    1. Video of the incident showed two Border Patrol agents in a classroom giving a presentation, with people outside the door recording themand calling them "Murder Patrol," "murderers" and "an extension of the KKK."

      That's flattery, not harassment.

      1. Poor reaction by th Uni.
        Over-reaction is probably a better term.
        Also wondering why they didn't just close the door.

    1. Nasty. | It's started up in South Jersey also too. | Now, fire's an essential component of the Pine Barrens ecosystem, Pitch Pine cones won't open to let the seeds out without it, for one example. The Forest Service conducts many prescribed burns every year to clear out the understory. Wildfires like this, however do real damage, especially to the sandy, historically nutrient poor soils there. Forest will bounce back, though, in a few years. Tough neighborhood, tough plants. No idea they had such a dry season, I must have gotten all of their rain and then some.

          1. OMG where I used to work, I worked with a remote team, the majority were based around Cincinnati. There were all these women on the team who would go in groups, like a Girl's Day Out, down to various doctors in the hinterlands of Kentucky to get rx's for diet pills and various other "ailments." Apparently the doctors there didn't ask many questions.

      1. A demo of Color Splash’s amazing automated AI enabled room painting technology.

        "We're still working out the bugs."

  1. Should be fun day tomorrow. Been having issues with MS Word & US help has been good. That said, they reco'd the on-line repair option. That app deleted all of Orifice 365 and then while downloading all that bloatware it crashed. Went back to sign-in a clicked the re-install clickie. The box is at the office, a block plus away, so I've decided to come home and eat. Thinking now I'll just stay here and wait 'til morning to see if another error message awaits. Sigh.

    1. Another good alternative is the | LibreOffice | suite. Open source, free, well supported and it does everything MS Office does. I'm running it in parallel with MS Orifice 360 on my Win 7 Pro machine and standalone on my Linux Mint laptop. Reads and saves in Office format. Little quirky to learn up on but it's a quick study and you can't beat the price.

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