117 thoughts on “Diet of Worms

    1. They won't know whether to believe her or him, so it will be easier to just ignore it.

      Edit: I keep forgetting that they can believe them both simultaneously.

    1. Their equivalent is doing that in my area, too, So Cal Edison. They are doing public awareness campaigns and town halls and going around to city council meetings to give presentations on how it will be so great when there are high winds because they will turn off the electricity so that our towns don't burn down.

        1. Public-we-don't-maintain-our-equipment-so-when-our-transformers-blow-in-high-winds-they-will-ignite-massive-brush-fires.

          1. Yeah, I didn't mean to mislead the way the link went, the arsenic letter
            was from a different place. Wouldn't drink the water in coal country anyway.
            Also mines in AZ.
            There was arsenic in the treated water down in Patagonia. Costs a lot of money to get it to EPA level.

          2. And water in plastic bottles in 'Merica includes BPA, a plasticizer and endocrine disruptor. Not likely tRump will stop that like they did in socialist Canada and much of Europe.

  1. Field report: I just finished washing my kitchen floor. It is white linoleum. God dammit I hate my kitchen floor.

    1. I don't know what this means.
      Like, you didn't spill something and wiped it up, but just went and washed it?

      1. It gets so dirty, dirt sticks to it so quickly, and having so many pets with all their fur and paw prints, etc., and with old windows that let in the outside around the edges i.e., lots of dirt on the wind, etc., that my kitchen floor just gets dark grey in gross streaks and it's just really horrid.

        So to clean it I have to vacuum up all the fur and dust balls, then I go over the whole thing with a scrub brush and with soap and hot water to loosen up the dirt, then I clean all that up with towels, let it dry, and then I mop the whole thing with mop and glo.

        Then the next day I have to do a load of laundry to clean all the towels that I used to mop up the soapy water. I have a shelf of old towels that are my towels for cleaning the kitchen floor.

        Whenever I finally get new flooring I will get something much darker and much less porous and soft. Maybe I will get a kitchen floor made of black plexiglass.

    2. My kitchen floor resembles vomit covered in Rust-Oleum. In fact the only things likeable about my kitchen is the garden window I installed last year and the kewl sandblasted glass cabinet doors. Everything else is shit.

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