50 thoughts on “Hi Shy, can we have a Wonkville favicon? (Discuss)

  1. One of the first things I thought too. But was reluctant to start asking for things with the upgrade already so wonderful. Sometimes people even fix my spelling errors!

    I don't know how it would work from the embedded frame structure though.

    1. Does anybody really use it there? I thought everyone just went to the site.

      I mean, from an economic standpoint, I really should be encouraging you to use it there, but…

      And in truth, since it is framed, we really only get the one pageview no matter how long you are on it, so it doesn't generate a ton of ad impressions.

      1. Good to have the direction on that. I did try to use it with the frame a few days, but having to scroll two frames finally got old.

  2. Maybe something ambiguous and artsy and icon-ish? Something wavy that could be a W-V, or could be a tentacle or could be vomit or could be a middle finger, and cram it into 16 pixels?

          1. I suspect that Management would frown on the use of Magic GOP Pixel Dust to allow a pixel to display multiple colors simultaneously…

          2. hang on……..maybe……..

            or not……

            the one view is all the blurry pixels that you suspected above…….but the tiny icon thingy is well defined, but tiny.

            Probably can't legally use that photo anyway.

        1. The red zone has always been for loading and unloading of passengers. There's never stopping in a white zone.

          1. Never forget the first time I heard that, on a trip with a good buddy up to rock climbing in the Shawangunks in NY. Classic.

          2. "Turn it down! Turn it down! Don't you know any nice songs?"

            Peekmoose Mountain, Catskills, peak fall foliage. Not everyone on the trip was as enthused about the musical selections. Hot Rats notwithstanding.

          3. A quiet afternoon in the winter rental house
            *The front door slams open*. Roommate enters.
            "YOU. There will be NO MORE ZAPPA."
            "What? We don't play that much…"
            "FORGET IT. Your worthless friends come over and it's Zappa. All, Night. Long."
            "Well, yeah."
            "Why is this a problem now?"
            "I was T/A'ing my class in the Lab today…"
            "AND…I caught myself singing 'Fuck me. you ugly sonofabitch'!
            "In front of THE WHOLE CLASS."
            "I was afraid someone would take me up on it IT'S NOT FUNNY!"

          4. My younger bro got married at the Mohunk Mountain House in late Sept of 1992. You want to talk pretty…

  3. Hmmm. I notice that when a thread like this gets long enough to collapse nested comments, the arrow toggle condition remains down rather than right.

  4. Also too, it would be nice if each page loaded already scrolled up to the top. It's a bit disorienting to click a link and face a blank window, and have to think, "Oh, right, now I have to scroll back up."

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