3 thoughts on “The youngs discover MFK Fisher

  1. She is in a class by herself (with Sarah Hepola).

    Amazing writer, incredible life, and oh yeah she cooks. Her stories have gotten many a person through Sad Times, she is well worth reading. And I can't even pretend to be much of a cook.

    ETA: Blown up large, that image looks super creepy.

    1. I bought several of her books when I was WAY too young in the eighties and they were painfully out of reach. I'm middle-aged now and the February evenings I spent with With Bold Knife and Fork kept me out of the weeds.

  2. Used to read her stuff in the NYer. As with all really good writers, she made you interested in stuff (fine food, Marseille) you had no idea you'd ever be interested in.

    Whereas Sarah Hepola makes you certain you were correct not be interested in whatever self-obsessed narcissism she's blathering about. So certain you don't even need to read the book.

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