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    1. I'm going to try to get a decent selfie wearing it, since it fits perfectly, but I need to find a bank of mirrors that don't require me to do 2 hours of cleaning first :)

  1. Hey, y;all!

    Fantasy Football is almost upon us, and, unfortunately, the stretched-10-ways Close Read can't join us this year, so we need one more team to fill out our league. (We will miss playing you, CR!) If you or someone you know wants to take this spot on, drop me an email at wonkvillebaseball AT gmail,com (or through the ESPN link) in the next few days. Wonkvillains get first preference, of course, and Wonketters get next.

    Also too, our draft is scheduled for this Saturday at 9pm because that was the first thing that came to mind. Is this good for everybody/anybody? As always, you can set it to autodraft so attendance is completely unmandatory, but the chat room is fun. Is this date/time generally okay? Changing it is NBD.

    Thanks! Looking forward to some foo'ball.

    (Go, Pack, Go!)

    1. 9pm Saturday? I'll probably have a dog sitting at my feet a day after she has leg surgery so that works for me.

      (Go, Pack, Go!)

        1. We have a good vet, I'm sure it'll work out! She will try to shake the collar off of herself as soon as possible and we'll have to make sure she doesn't, I'm sure.

    2. Team Mountain Dew can run mine this year. I'm just not in any shape to do it this year. Completely burned out and ruined from this summer.

        1. Said this elsewhere but in case it wasn't in direct reply to you: I can do Monday as well. I'd just like to know sooner rather than later if possible.

          1. No problem. What is a good time for you West Coasters? Is 9pm (aka 6pm Pacific) too early? Would 10pmEDT/7pmPDT be better? If I'm moving it, might as well do it right.

          2. I'm good either way. 7 would be nice but I wouldn't want to make it too late for those on the East Coast (if we have any) to take part if they've got to get up for work tomorrow. I'll defer to the group either way on that score.

          3. AFAIK, Vodka, MsAnthropeMR and I are the Eastern Time contingent, and V and I are both night owls, so I think we can make it happen.

  2. I'm going to have a devil of a time squeezing in the draft on Sat, but I think i can pull it off w/o resulting to Otto draft

          1. That would be great for me- but I don't want to screw up everyone else's plans. let me know how everyone feels about postponing. I've got a Beatle band on Sat, I'm hoping that 6PM is post soundcheck break and that I could at least do the first few rounds before letting Otto take over

          2. No, it could be good,

            Anyone else have an actual work/social life and prefer to do this Monday evening vs. Sat night? This definitely seems logical

          3. cool, take a head count and I'll make it work if we need to stay on Sat, otherwise, bump it to Monday

          4. I know Vodka has a conflict on Saturday, too, so Monday might be best unless there are a bunch of people who object.

          5. Monday night also works but I'd like to know one way or another by Thursday so I can make plans to shop till I drop do my research on fantasy football on Saturday if we move it to Monday.

          6. It definitely looks like it will move to Monday, since no one is objecting. I think once Smokey and Cmdr weigh in, we can call it (damn, that sounds like an awesome Burt Reynolds movie, right?). I'll send a notice out tomorrow for sure.

          1. Agree with the go, Pack, go (and the Seahawks if it does no harm to the Pack). Are you still looking for another. Though play the game through high school, I know nothing of the Fantasy. And not a whole lot about the NFL, other than the Pack and Seattle.

          2. It's really pretty easy. None of us are experts.

            We would love to have you, for sure! Shoot me an email and I will send you an official invite!

          3. Watch for an email from ESPN. It will come to the email you use for Intense Debate. There will be a confirmation button there you'll need to hit.

  3. I recognize that shirt!

    Sorry it took so long, but I'm very glad it made it. It's a well-traveled shirt now! Indianapolis to CA to NJ.

    I'm in for the footbol.

    1. The Fleener jersey shelwood received was sent by the NFL shop and bought by smokey. So there. Harumph. Not sure why you never sent yours. I don't know why you never bothered to go through with your promise. I'm really upset about you claiming responsibility for sending the Fleener. Don't. The people responsible know the truth.

      1. Oh.

        I mailed it just the other day and assumed it was the Fleen that I'd promised. Now I feel like a complete fool.

        Now I'll leave.

      2. The more I think about this, the more upset I am.

        I am so sorry.

        I love you guys. There's no way I'd be a dick about something like this. Fuck. There was me thinking USPS had done a good thing.

        There's no excuse. I'm sorry.

        1. I don't know what to say. I'm really sorry for even bringing it up. Had a little too much to drink last night and I guess I got a little peeved. No worries.

          1. It's weird when I am the drunk voice of reason.. that never happens. I said shaddup about it, ffs!! And then you kinda stealth-posted some shit because you had a hair up your freakin' ass for some reason. Jeez fucking louise. I didn't! There's no fighting in wonkville.
            Again, I'm sorry, Fukui.

          2. Shel is basically my best friend and I thought about saying something too. Only reason I resisted is complete exhaustion. Too freakin' tired to stick my nose in. Love Fukui too so it was not a thing I had the energy to get into. This season, the trophy is a Clinton-Dix jersey on me.

  4. Sorry, I haven't been paying attention lately. Monday night's fine by me. Better, really, since the final nail will have been knocked into Australia's coffin by then.

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