How to not update the Wonkville Site Theme:

  1. Don’t update it.
  2. Continue not updating it.
  3. Carry on.

Because when we update the theme, we completely lose the custom goodies that make Wonkville Wonkville. Believe it or not, this shit ain’t straight out of the box. Almost, but not quite. No, I do not want to deal with making a child theme. Just don’t update the site theme. Let me do that.

– Shy


    1. Thank you! And sorry about screwing things up. (I didn't touch the updates, but on behalf of all of us, sorry!)

      The links to whatever story we're posting still seems to be missing on the Wonkville front page. Is that something you can put back?

      Also, when we see those "update" messages, do you want us to ping you when they appear? Or just totally ignore them?

      ETA: also, our comments now are grey instead of black.

  1. Form of– a shitheel. Got it. (See? Philly fucks up everything.)
    Welcome, Good Pope.
    [Please no puking, no foo-ball, no Mummers, just be honorable Catholics and (thought I'd never say this) do what the fucking NY-ers did]. Ugh, what a precedent.

    1. Are the Philadelphians building a grotesque plywood altar for the sportsball arena like the New Yorkers did for MSG?

      I saw it because I had some computers that wouldn't talk to each other over the network. While I was fiddling with DNS and ports'n'shit, I turned on the MSG mass and PRESTO! everything was talking again. One more like that and I'll canonize him myself.

  2. It seems like I missed a thing this morning, though it also seems like being too afraid to click that update button was a good thing.

  3. One thing I noticed remaining is that the comment page link is back to itself rather than the subject article link.

    Edit: Also, I just noticed that the "Do Comments" button label on the main page is reset to "Read More".

  4. DON'T CLICK THE FANCY EXCLAMATION MARKS! No matter how much they taunt you, lol…

    BTW, tell him I finally got that message this morning- it was blank for awhile

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