8 thoughts on “Digitized Museum Specimens Find New Life Online

      1. Corals don't have endocrine glands of any kind.

        What a fuckstick. Good for you on jumping on his ass.

        Did not know this. There has to be an alternative to a proven mutagenic endocrine system disruptor, UV blocker or not. Sadly, the "Save the Corals" people won't drive the change as much as the "Save my Baby's Endocrine System" Moms (you know, the ones freaking out about GMA grains, Thimerisol and wireless radiation).

        1. Well, I didn't know, but it sounded like a troll comment, and RS can be a little off in their reporting……….but I knew that corals and their kin are kinda chemical factories, so thought they might, and it wasn't too hard to find out.
          [ I also tend to ignore SOMEONE is wrong, b.c. = crazy time, good that others were there too ]

          1. Not only wrong, but wildly wrong (no endocrine system? How exactly do they produce gametes?). That kind of misinformation needs to be ruthlessly stomped before it spreads, though he (most likely he) probably just threw that out there as a spanner in the comment works.

            "Journal of Endocrinology". A fine citation. Took you less than a minute, I'll say. Joe "no endocrine system" Fuckstick could have easily done the same.

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