Calif. GOPpers clueless, so they demand that Dems solve drought.

10 thoughts on “Calif. GOPpers clueless, so they demand that Dems solve drought.

  1. "Congressional Republicans demand plan for collecting El Niño water"
    For years they denied that climate change was real, and insisted that we shouldn't waste money getting ready for it. Now, suddenly, they "demand a plan" to prevent rainwater from going downhill, all over the State . . . and they want it NOW, this winter, which is expected to dump a ton of water on the state. (The same climate experts who are wrong about global warming are, somehow, entirely credible about this one weird thing.)

  2. If there's any good news about the California drought it all, it is that it's extremely likely to be a very wet winter for CA. The question may be if it's cold enough for a good mountain snow pack.

    1. Supposed to be yet another mild winter in BC (and presumably Washington etc) with El Nino. Don't know how that effects things further south tho.

      Doesn't look like I'll get much snowboarding in this January. :(

      1. Last I saw was a prediction for above average temperatures in California, more likely toward the coast. That being said, in the Sierras the odds were barely above normal so it's a low-confidence forecast. The rain's pretty likely, temperature remains to be seen.

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