4 thoughts on “A Review of “Furiously Happy” by Jenny Lawson

    1. This is the passage that prompted me to post this: What helps you dig out?

      Not only having people with me and medications and all of that, but also just remembering that depression lies. Because, while I'm in the depression, it absolutely seems so true. Everything that my mind is telling me — that the world would be better off without me — seems absolutely reasonable. And I just have to continue to remind myself that before I went into this depression, I knew that that wasn't true.

      Depression is a lie. There's a reason why Christians have referred to the devil as the "arch liar" or other such terms as that. I've struggled with depression most of my life and I thought, for a long, long time, that I was helpless against it. I'm not a Christian, but I do consider myself to be spiritual, always finding the good in things. When I decided, or discovered, or however you want to put it, that depression is like a demon who attacks you, I figured out that I could defend myself against that demon.

      Seriously, fuck that guy. I refuse to go out like that. I refuse to let some fucking demon piece of shit control my life.

      Remember, everyone, you are stronger than you know and you are stronger than you feel.

  1. Used to read The Bloggess regularly. Maybe the funniest true stories ever. I think she went on break or something and I thought 'ruh roh', and dropped it. Glad to see that she hung in.

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