23 thoughts on “Today in WTF Arizona Man?

        1. I'm thinking Fleerer is due, and his college roomy Luck finds him on a short and goal while Gore does average if you throw out his high and low. My projection for tonight is Buckshanks 129, Jihadis 124.

  1. This asshole gives grandpas a bad name. We're the ones who are supposed to spoil the little urchins and then give them back to the parents flying high on sugar and knowing how to penny someone in the bath.

        1. Cool. I looked at kits, also in the $100 range. They would definitely look and sound better than the mangled messes I made for cigar box slide guitar, now back in pieces. I was astonished they worked at all.

          1. I kinda sorta set the whole thing aside, as I don't have the tools, or the resources to get more tools, or the resources to be making enough of them to get them decent. Time better spent learning to play the git I have.
            It was just a bug there for a bit. The best one, with an old headphone to make a pick-up, did have a very 'earthy ' tone when plugged in. Maybe now that it's not 150 °F in my friends garage, might take another shot.

          2. If I could figure out how to post a pic, I could post one of the mando I made. Saga kit from Amazon. $100 – I put a set of Grovers on it to replace the shite tuners that came with it and a StewMac bridge. Hand tools needed are minimal. (I have many, though, so my vision of what is minimal may be skewed.

          3. Well, if you want, I think I can make it so. It doesn't get much use anymore except for pics of Creature's lizard.

  2. Maybe AZ doesn't allow open carry in bars, so Gramps had no choice but to park the gun with the kid while he ran in the tavern for a few drinks and a burger. Yet another impingement on 2d 'mendment freedom. Where will it end?

    1. You know, I was thinking, maybe this was a common experience for kids that grew up in AZ, that a parental unit would park them in the desert with a gun while they went a-drinking, and then I thought, "Well, I'll just ask anyone I know who grew up in AZ", and then I realized everyone I know who lives in AZ grew up elsewhere, and I don't actually know any adults who grew up in Arizona… and then I thought, AHA!

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