Democratic donkey beating up Republican elephant

And now for a Happy Nice Time People story: Why 2016 could be shattering for Republicans

8 thoughts on “And now for a Happy Nice Time People story: Why 2016 could be shattering for Republicans

    1. Essentially this:
      …A new majority coalition of racial minorities, single women, millennials and seculars. Together, these groups formed 51 percent of the electorate in 2012, but our analysis of census survey data and exit poll projections indicates that they will comprise fully 63 percent in 2016. With these growing groups each supporting Hillary Clinton by more than 2 to 1 in today’s polls, it is fair to say that the United States has reached an electoral tipping point.

      The Republican Party’s battle to defeat this new majority has reached a tipping point, too. The brand of the Republican Party today has probably not been as tarnished since the Watergate era.

    2. (cough) Far be it from me I suggest you open "New Incognito Window" in Chrome (or "New Private Window" in Firefox) and Google the title "Why 2016 could be shattering for Republicans" (cough)

  1. Here is a kind of statistical mutilation that drives me nuts:

    "It has also left a Republican Party where three-quarters of its base voters are tea party supporters, evangelicals or religiously observant."

    Those three things are not the same thing, but neither are they three different things. And "religiously observant"–if an atheist doesn't go to work on Christmas Day, he's "religiously observant."

  2. Meh, all of those demographics were true 10 years ago. Between control of local and state govt's, gerrymandering, fear-mongering, money, Föx,these Füx ain't going anywhere soon. Winning the White House every four years — with center-rights — is better than nothing, but as Zippy said a few weeks ago, we need a grinding ground game and not some triple reverse flea flickers.

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