46 thoughts on “Football: Gobble Gobble

  1. "Go gnaw on a turkey neck sometime. It’s pure savagery. I like eating it in front of the children to scare them shitless."

    Go Drew.

    1. I suspect all the turkey haters just never won a single wishbone-snapping contest. It's all in the thumb, dumbasses!

    1. I was going to say "did you bring your laptop?" but then I realized I guess you did. I do not have any caffeine in my system yet.

      1. I'm actually still at home. My aunt & uncle decided to drive up from Jersey this morning rather than last night, so I imagine they are stuck in traffic somewhere since they haven't called yet. But when the time comes, I definitely need to do that :)

  2. Happy Thanksgiving!

    I'm in between the Turkey Trot (I'd bitch about how cold it was if I didn't know that some of you live in places that really do get cold) and volunteering, but I'll be back for the afternoon game. Stay warm, everyone!

  3. How bout them Lions? The Iggles are looking especially terrible today- I'm thinking Chip Kelly may be looking for a job soon (USC mebe?)

    1. If Kelly knows what's good for him, after this game he'll head straight from Detroit to anywhere but Philly and stay there.

  4. Steelers at Seahawks: Well thank God THIS game will have no lingering referee gripes! No sirree!


    And on that note…OK, Seattle, since you are almost certainly going to win on Sunday, now can I stop hearing about the fucking refs in SB40?

  5. Ouch, Romo is out again? That almost makes me feel sorry for Dallas fans and stop rooting against them…

    …OK, that moment of insanity passed. Go Carolina!

  6. Just got back from T-Day dinner with my aunt, uncle, and their lunatic right wing neighbors, AMA. Want to know about The Blacks? The Jews? How Putin is a better leader than Obama? Something something Jesse Jackson Al Sharpton Chicago is Obama's Town? How watching 3 hours of Fox News every night and the Sunday talk shows constitutes listening to "both" sides? How about how I HAVE TO SEE THESE PEOPLE AGAIN TOMORROW??? KILLLL MEEEE!

    1. Talk them into going shopping with you tomorrow. Then, after they've spent too much money, tell them, "Thanks for celebrating Black Friday with me." Convince them that it's actually called "Black Friday" because a portion of the sales on that day go towards the NAACP.

      1. Oooh, that is a lovely idea.

        btw, I totally faked an arthritis flare to gtfo and get away. I may need all of you to call me in turn tomorrow night in case that doesn't work again.

        1. Smokey and I can call you as needed. Also, take them to a synagogue on Saturday and a black church on Sunday. That should take care of them.

          1. It would be fun to really mess with them by calling Shel and posing as a pollster, and she hands the phone over to them, "hey, there's a telemarketer here, has some questions, I don't feel like it but you can win an iPod, here talk to them." And then asking them questions like, "Do you approve of aborted fetal tissue used in heart medicine?" or: "How many Obamaphones does your household currently use?"

    2. I finally had enough and lit into a FB friend about their swooning over Putin. How anyone who calls themselves a patriotic American can admire a sociopath who's murdered thousands, assassinated his political rivals, shot down a passenger airline, ran his country into the ground economically and used to be the head of the KGB is beyond me. Imagine if some liberal sang the praises of Saddam Hussein during the Bush years- these same people would have gone apeshit…

      1. Not to mention that if Obama did lead the way Putin does, the same people singing Putin's praises would have a fucking conniption (while being rounded up into those FEMA camps in Montana). They call Obama a weak leader in one breath, then flip the fuck out when he gently uses Executive Orders.

      2. I think it's the same mindset of people who were fans of the TV show "24" and somehow then thought Guantanamo was a good thing.

  7. "Can't wait to see it (commentators, on Sunday's Steelers – Seahawks game: it's going to be fun!"

    For Seahawks fans, perhaps…

    …oh well, at least we're better than the Cowboys, so I can be thankful for that.

  8. Two blow outs so far on Thanksgiving. Are all Turkey Day games so one-sided? Can we at least get one close game? And who the fuck are Locash and who the fuck found them?

  9. And in a few minutes I have to head off to my slacker friends' house (dinner was originally supposed to be around 6–now, it will easily be late.) Good thing they have homemade roasted nuts in the meantime!

    Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Let me know if the Brett Favre halftime show is as tedious as I expect…

      1. Great game though- classic bruising NFC North game, complete with shitty weather. It was nice to come out on top for a change, especially at Lambeau.

        1. Congrats, wish it had come out much, much differently. I guess it's time to start rooting against 4-6/5-5 teams just in case this slide continues.

  10. Thanks honey.

    It's annoying because I was fifth last year. If I want to have a chance next year I'll have to run so hard I make myself sick. Then again, you all like the *ouke* stories, so perhaps I could contribute to everyone's amusement that way…

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