21 thoughts on “Run, Run Robodolf

    1. The fake antlers attached somehow make them seem even more menacing, like a wolf tying on bloody sheep ears. "Don't mind me, little ones. Come closer…"

          1. No, no, no. T-shirt cannons in front, loaded with old DOLE/KEMP campaign shirts. Cannon in the rear so it can fart glitter.

        1. Imagine if you work at some other company that leases space in that building and look up from your screen to see that on the lawn. I'd immediately make a sign for the window saying "I for one welcome our new cyber-quadraped overlords."

  1. The first ones were easy to spot- fake antlers, faux fur. The new ones are much harder to- real fur, reindeer breath, snorting. I had to wait until they brought you presents before I made a move on him…

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