132 thoughts on “Day Deux: Send moar beer, DVDs, tampons

        1. Meh, called in another snow day, mostly because of the (lack of) plowing situation. I was expecting more wind than I'm getting (street alignment, nearby golf course, etc.), but every time I check the Bay Bridge conditions they keep saying they're seeing 40+ mph. My sinuses are telling me the pressure is still falling.

          Power is still on (a Candlemas miracle!), so I'm making good MMO progress, which is the important thing!

          Pondering science experiments to introduce some freakin' humidity into this place, but that's more of a general winter thing.


  1. Relevant info from WaPo:

    The Post is suspending its paywall on the Web through the weekend to provide readers unlimited access to weather coverage and important safety information.

  2. As much as I might be in favor of this initiative to name natural disasters after the industry-made disasters of boy bands, the above pic inspires me to nominate the name "Blizzard Leo."

      1. When I was in Walmart a couple days ago, they had faux shearling hoodies on clearance for $15. Understandable because it is ugly as hell, like wearing an Ugg Boot as a hoodie. But the best thing I've bought in a very long time. So warm, so soft.

    1. Prolly shouldn't say this, but up here in the NW the birds have been doing their dark o'clock courting songs for the last week to 10 days and some of my bride's early bloomers are on their way.

  3. 28 F, wind chill of 22
    95% rh
    996.9 mb and falling, again.
    winds are howling, steady NNW at 7 with gusts of 15. Way worse in the open. Snow's blowing everywhere.
    snow sleet and ice pellets. still at 10" accumulation, but the top layer is packing down a lot.

    The center of the low has stalled directly offshore and is pumping huge amounts of water into the area, where it freezes as snow or ice and falls out. Not so much accumulation here, but inland there's bands of intense snowfall, like 24" plus. Haven't heard thundersnow yet, but there's supposed to be some in PA and offshore in the center of the storm.

    I cleared out some paths and part of the drive and that's it. Probably will stay in for now with the winds like this. We're about an hour past high tide and lucked out here with the wind direction – all the water's blown out into the western bay. Not so much luck for the weatern shore or the coastal people here.

    Not many power outages around the area, which is the excellent news.
    Here's a few snopocalypse horror cameras, for your nightmarish enjoyment:

    | Rehoboth beach cam in Delaware |

    | Gantry S-5, eastbound Bay Bridge |

    | Jes' down the road a tad |

    1. Re: Bay Bridge

      Traffic radio is (finally) talking about winds upwards of 50 mph. No box trailers under 32 tons. Only small vehicles and flatbeds allowed.

  4. 29 F, wind chill of 22
    94% RH
    999.2 mb, rising fast.
    winds have really gone wild – 6 to 15 knots, but we're getting blasts of 50+. Snow is flying everywhere, blizzard like conditions. It's hairy out there.

    If it's still snowing, it is impossible to tell.

    The local birds have been hitting the feeders heavy all day. There's an honest-to-god Bluebird in the Finch seed feeder.

    1. I have a great blue heron who hangs out in the pond behind my house. He was out there yesterday, but I haven't seen him today. Should I be thawing out some tilapia for him?

  5. I'm not sure if it would make things better or worse if I posted a picture of a sunny beach, so I won't. But I'm still sending those positive and warm thoughts to all of you…

        1. Heh. Opened the sub-thread and was all WTF!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not even running Chrome………….The fucker won't even close WTF WTF WTF……
          Never mind………..

  6. Updated totals as of 3PM

    Harvest, AL: 3.5
    Huntsville, AL: 2.0
    North Little Rock, AR: 8.0
    Darien, CT: 6.5
    Greenwich, CT: 6.0
    Stamford, CT: 6.0
    Bridgeport, CT: 5.5
    Washington, DC: 23.5
    Newark, DE: 12.0
    Dillard, GA: 7.5
    Lawson, KY: 19.4
    Bowling Green, KY: 11.0
    Nantucket, MA: 4.5
    Redhouse, MD: 38.0
    Frederick, MD: 33.5
    Baltimore, MD: 20.0
    Oxford, MS: 2.0
    Old Fort, NC: 16.0
    Asheville, NC: 8.0
    Roselle, NJ: 19.6
    Elizabeth, NJ: 16.5
    Newark, NJ: 16.5
    Hoboken, NJ: 14.0
    Brick, NJ: 11.0
    Trenton, NJ: 10.0
    Atlantic City, NJ: 9.0
    New York/JFK: 20.4
    New York/LaGuardia: 20.4
    New York/Central Park: 14.7
    New York/Staten Island: 14.4
    Ironton, OH: 9.5
    Athens, OH: 7.0
    Champion, PA: 23.0
    Marklesburg, PA: 23.0
    Philadelphia, PA: 13.0
    Chesnee, SC: 7.0
    Lafayette, TN: 13.5
    Nashville, TN: 7.1
    Clarksville, TN: 7.0
    Philomont, VA: 39.0
    Winchester, VA: 33.0
    Fairfax, VA: 24.5
    Alexandria, VA: 19.0
    Roanoke, VA: 11.5
    Glengary, WV: 40.0
    Martinsburg, WV: 31.9

  7. We are getting POUNDED in RIchmond. I shoveled the walk at 2PM, now, you can't tell I did so. NWS adjusted forecast up to 5 inches of snow – up from 3, but again, I do not know where they are getting their numbers, I got 2 in the last 2 hours. Barometric at 1000 up from 998 at noon.

      1. I find it better not to.
        Ms. Anthrope was a prosecutor for 5-6 years – one thing that a judge told her was
        "Never ask what the defendant was thinking – you don't want to know"

  8. Looks like bits of the Chesapeake have been downgraded to "gale." I may actually have to go to work tomorrow…

    The robot lady on the AM is still keeping less-than-full trucks off the bridge, though.

  9. Goddamn this thing just will not stop. Any word on when the snow will actually end? Also, are people still trapped on the PA turnpike?

        1. It was powder until about sundown. Then it somehow warmed up enough that it's getting progressively heavier and wetter without reducing in size by any visible degree.

  10. 27 F, wind chill of 21
    95% RH
    1006.8 MB, rising
    winds steady NW, 5-6, gusting from 15 – 40
    I think we got about another 1/2 inch of snow but there's so much snow in the air it's hard to tell.

    All and all I'm lucky here. the Atlantic coast from the VA peninsula on up is getting – and it's probably not too strong a word – devastated. | Storm Jonas | is sitting just offshore of O.C. MD, spinning off lows that travel east out to sea but reforming the strong low in exactly the same area ( the | Fujiwhara Effect, |something usually seen in tropical storms). The high onshore winds have essentially set the entire surface of the ocean in motion, headed right at the coastal towns:

    * Due to extreme flooding, Delmarva Power |cut off electric service | to the entire southern end of Ocean City, Maryland

    *Severe beach erosion, dune breaches, highway flooding and cut off beach communities | in Delaware| as the storm continues to come ashore.

    * | New Jersey's coast is getting hammered again. |

    Finally, here's the | Union of Concerned Scientists | information bulletin on the storm (from yesterday – see for yourself how their predictions held up).

      1. I'm estimating 10 1/2 – 12" max. Probably 2-3' drifts in areas and some scouring where the wind has a clear path to roar down the street . The transition to ice pellets for a bit compacted the snowfall, and we got into several dry slots where nothing fell for several hours each. All the heavy snow action is inland and north , looks like.

        1. Huh. My sister is getting creamed in central NJ , but my BFF the Crazy Crimean says they only got a few inches in Mystic CT.

          Your run sounds similar to that big storm we got in March of 1993, we got 10 inches of snow in NJ, an inch of ice and then another 2 inches of snow.

          1. Yeah, it's a lot like '93, we had another one like that down here in '96 too. It looks like the big heavy snow bands happen when the saturated Atlantic air from the storm hits the terrain inland, experiences adiabatic cooling and precipitates out all at once. There's places in Virgina that got 40", apparently. Too flat here for that sort of thing.

    1. I heard some records set in Sandy fell in this storm, which is absolutely insane for a non-tropical low. Even more crazy considering the low pressure areas are moving generally eastward.

      1. 1007 on barometer here – My dinner party guests safely navigated across the street after homemade caesar salad, pizza, biscotti, lemon gelato – and some nice nebbolio grappa. Wind blowing a little, but not too bad. seems to be over here. No power loss, (though we've never lost it in 12 years of living here), won't be able to get out of neighborhood until Tuesday, earliest.

        It was bad, I think that 1996 was worse for us in Richmond, anyway. I hope I can get to work Monday.

  11. Bay Bridge sexbot says the winds have gone down into the 40's

    Air pressure has settled down into a more sedate rate of climb.

  12. 9PM update

    Harvest, AL: 3.5
    Huntsville, AL: 2.0
    North Little Rock, AR: 8.0
    Monroe, CT: 21.0
    New Haven, CT: 12.4
    Washington, DC: 28.3
    Woodside, DE: 15.5
    Dover, DE: 12.8
    Dillard, GA: 7.5
    Lawson, KY: 19.4
    West Harwich, MA: 13.0
    Redhouse, MD: 38.0
    Baltimore, MD: 29.2
    Oxford, MS: 2.0
    Old Fort, NC: 16.0
    Madison, NJ: 28.0
    Elizabeth, NJ: 16.5
    Newark, NJ: 16.5
    Trenton, NJ: 16.5
    Hoboken, NJ: 14.0
    Brick, NJ: 11.0
    New York, NY: 27.7
    Ironton, OH: 9.5
    Athens, OH: 7.0
    Somerset, PA: 35.5
    Allentown, PA: 32.0
    York, PA: 31.5
    Philadelphia, PA: 22.3
    Altoona, PA: 19.4
    Block Island, RI: 13.0
    Providence, RI: 7.0
    Chesnee, SC: 7.0
    Lafayette, TN: 13.5
    Nashville, TN: 7.1
    Clarksville, TN: 7.0
    Philomont, VA: 39.0
    Winchester, VA: 33.0
    Fairfax, VA: 24.5
    Alexandria, VA: 19.0
    Roanoke, VA: 11.5
    Glengarry, WV: 40.0

  13. Also some notable wind gusts in mph

    (not that) Dewey Beach, DE: 75
    Siasconsett, MA: 73
    Nantucket, MA: 70
    West Ocean City, MD: 62
    Bass River, NJ: 64
    Ocean City, NJ: 61
    Atlantic City, NJ: 58
    Langley AFB, VA: 75
    Hampton, VA: 65

  14. Looks like all the blizzard warnings south of Long Island have been ended early. The Bay Bridge sexbot has gone back to fellating Gov. Hogan.


  15. Sunday,0916, Eastern time. It's Over.

    <img src="http://wonkville.net/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/The-Day-After.jpg"&gt;

    25 F, wind chill of 21
    75% RH
    1017.9 mb, rising
    winds 2-3 knots, WNW

    I got about another 1/2" of snow last night, for a total of 11" (12" in places). The sky was gin clear this morning, everything bright with the setting full moon. Not one cloud in the sky now and way less wind but still bitterly cold.

    Going to be digging out, slowly, all day. Somebody actually plowed my road but there's no way I'm going out any time soon.

    I was looking for storm video coverage, but I found a BBC reporter covering the story | in a typically professional manner. |

          1. Cool. The more I look into it , the crazier it sounds. On the other hand, I can't find where anyone has ever tried it here either. It may be a while before any evidence shows up.

      1. Also ver cool article on Namib beetle , surfaces, dew[ey], frost………..
        There's a related beetle in these here parts, that will also do headstands, but usually to squirt stinky stuff , not collect water. I hope there's some evo-bio person looking into the origins of that behavior.

        1. I love views like that, the sun on the snow the day after. When I was in Cleveland I didn’t see those nearly as much as in NJ, because in Cleveland it’s gray gray gray with lake effect clouds and snow until Lake Erie freezes over late in the season, so I did miss the sparkly snow in the sunshine.

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