Finally! The Most Important Professional Foo’Ball Game of the Year Happens Tonight!

11 thoughts on “Finally! The Most Important Professional Foo’Ball Game of the Year Happens Tonight!

  1. BTW, Packers coach Mike McCarthy was supposed to coach this here travesty, but was hospitalized due to an intestinal virus and could not make the trip. I'm guessing too many suspicious cheese curds:

    Also, too, dear NFL, please stop this nonsense of having two ex-NFLers pick the teams and just go back to the old AFC vs. NFC format. No one gives a shit about this game anyway, but it's just all kinds of wrong to see players with Rams and Eagles helmets lining up along side players with Ravens and Jaguars helmets. It ain't right, I tells ya!

    1. Better not to risk his health and the health of others than coach in a totally meaningless game that nobody cares about, that's for sure.

  2. MSNBC has special Iowa caucus-eve coverage on now, so I'm sticking to watching that game. See you all on Super Bowl Sunday!

  3. Fuck the so-called Pro Bowl. We've been watching Grease LIVE! instead. And, yes. smokey knows all the words and is singing along. And, yes, it is glorious.

  4. Funny story: In my sports gambling days a friend and I bet on the Pro-Bowl — once. We weren't bad sports handicappers if we kept to the NFL and the NCAA basketball. We stayed away from baseball and hockey. We didn't win millions but we would win several thousand yearly in the NFL — on very tight margins. It was fun and exhilirating and cemented our friendship. We definitely had limits and often made fun of | Art Schlichter |.
    So in 2004, we were up after the season and decided to cockily lay $500 on the AFC in the Pro Bowl as they were dominate at the time. I went to bed with the AFC up 38-13 in 3rd quarter! On my way to work at 6 AM I almost crashed when I heard the NFC won 55-52. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? What did the AFC defensive backs just lay down on the field?
    Ever since our joke has been: Who the fuck would bet on any all-star game?
    Epilogue: That chapter in my life has closed thanks to, praise be to Jesus and the GOP, our being cut off from off shore betting and bookie's stateside. Remember | this clown? |.

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