84 thoughts on “Football: No, Really, Last One Till Fall

  1. I seem to be more excited for Panthers-Broncos than last year's Patriots-Seahawks. It's probably not hard to figure out why.

  2. And from the linked Deadspin article:

    Ron Rivera was nearly fired eleven times. Now he’s arguably one of the better coaches in football, and he has neighbors decorating his front door instead of egging it. It’s almost as if letting your coach grow into the job can pay off! SO CRAZY.

    If Cleveland ever figures that out, my team will have its hands full.

    Also too, I will miss Drew Magary. Seven months until the 2016 – 2017 season!

  3. WTF with that awful Doritos commercial?

    Oh well, that's one less craving I'll have. Who knew that I'd get support for sticking to my diet from the Super Bowl ads?

  4. I still cannot believe that Queen Bey has to play second fiddle to fucking Coldplay FFS. Yeah, I know she also performed in 2013, but…Coldplay?

      1. I kinda liked that "Rule the World" song first few times I heard it and then made the mistake of looking up the words. Dumb.

  5. Sure enough, Bey is the only good thing about this halftime show. And I am having fun imagining Mike Huckabee's reaction to her shaking her booty for the cameras…

    1. Never known a Jeep owner who didn't have ridiculous problems: blown engine, catching fire, or even the folded sheet metal bracket that holds the seatback up failing.

      1. I had a Jeep Cherokee once. It didn't have any of those problems, but one time when I was adjusting my rearview mirror the whole windshield dropped out onto my lap.

      1. Didn't have to be him, any Panther would have been better than none Panthers. But they have been off since the initial kickoff. I don't know why they are so off their game, but by all rights they should be losing by more right now.

          1. That was my take. I actually thought the Carolina D played better, just didn't get the breaks the Broncos did

  6. Barring a miracle, my colleague who is a Broncos fan will be insufferable. I guess I'm happy for Peyton, though I could do without his presidential preference FFS (Jeb!? Really?)

    1. On the one hand, really? Jeb? OTOH, of all the candidates, the one that is most Peyton-like (got where he is through family name recognition and parental pushing, had his brother outshine him on numerous occasions, personality of a piece of white toast) is absolutely Jeb!

      1. As NFL players go, Peyton seems pretty scandal-free.

        Well okay, HGH probably.

        But you're so right about his history. His dad was the only decent player the Saints had for years and years.

  7. My dogs are demanding an early walk (their AM walk was earlier than they are used to because the Surf City Half was today) so I'll have to miss the post-game hype. Congratulations to Denver fans, and have a good night, everyone!

    1. A boring game, seemed like at first, but we're all spoiled with the zing-zing passing game. But the Broncos lost their first Super Bowl 27-10, and they called that a blow-out.

      Lotta good defensive play there. Cam's a hybrid quarterback with great skills, but he won't run that way forever.

      Now if they'd just bring back the drop kick, guys like that could be "triple threats" again.

  8. I was leaning towards the Broncos just because this might be Peyton's last hurrah, but if he's really a Jeb! supporter (as was claimed in last night's GOP slug-fest), I won't be sad if Carolina rolls today. Plus, Cam Newton holding the Lombardi trophy would piss off the racists, so that would be good.

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