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  1. Ohio update: Had about an inch and a half of rain, but as the low has gotten closer, it's become more rain bands instead of a steady shield of rain. Pressure reading is 986 mb here, which is interesting considering the surface analysis for 2pm has a 987 mb low near the tripoint of OH/IN/KY. Other local observations seem to back me up. Haven't seen a pressure in the 980s around here in quite a while.

  2. 60.2 °F
    Wind from SSE
    Gusts 7.0 mph
    Dew Point: 60 °F
    Humidity: 98%
    Precip Rate: 0 in/hr
    Precip Accum: 0.1 in
    Pressure: 999.66 mb

    This south wind really shot the ambient temp up this morning. Lots of water and thermal energy all up in the atmosphere now. The whole area was one giant drizzly fog bank for most of the day. All signs indicate that it's going to be a real Thrill Ride home, though. I could really do without seeing flying cows or ladies on bikes, though.

    The NWS Weather Alert system needs a category called "FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU"
    <img src="http://vortex.accuweather.com/adc2004/pub/includes/columns/newsstory/2016/650x366_02241453_hd23.jpg"/&gt;

  3. NW wind 5 miles NW of me, SE wind 5 miles SE of me. I believe we're right in the center of the low right now. Pressure reading at 986.2 mb.

  4. Wow, must be, with that wind set. Hope the winds stay calm.

    Wundermap says the warm frontal boundary's just south, along with all the tornado warnings. They can both stay there as far as I'm concerned.

  5. Had a strong thunderstorm move through just after the pressure stopped falling, and now it's rising quite quickly (over 2 mb in the last hour) and the wind is gusting out of the west quite a bit more than it was blowing from the south before. It was northeast for a few hours, then went south, calm, and now it's west.

    1. Do you have any local webcams you can send us links for? That would be cool. Unless it's just a cam looking at a field of snow or something like that.

  6. I got back just now from walking my dog, turned on my radio, local 24/7 AM news, it was all about thunderstorms in Virginia…

  7. Wind gusts picking way up, rolling thunder booming over the bay and | a line of Very Ugly Mesocyclone cells | moving up from the SW. There Will Be Waterspouts, but no one will see them because it's pitch black out. Exactly the worst time to have tornados walking around. The good news is that the front's going to blow through fast – those cells are moving at 50 – 60 knots (!).

    It's Obama's Weather Modification machine again. I just know it.

    EDIT: 992.7 mb and falling. Rapidly.

  8. Almost on the back side of the line squall now. Had lots of wind, peak gust here was 26 kts. Continuous lightning, but no hail thank FSM. No trees or huge limbs down – yet – and the power's still up.

    60 °F
    Wind 4 kts backing SSE
    Gusts 26 kts
    Dew Point: 60 °F
    Humidity: 98%
    Precip Rate: .49 in/hr
    Precip Accum: 0.43 in
    Pressure: 993 mb falling

    Black Walnut Point, out on the tippy end of Piracy peninsula, recorded a wind gust of 50 mph, averaging 8

    1. Heavy T-storms moved through NoVA a couple of hours ago. Usual gully washer. I'll take this little spring break over three feet of snow anyday.

  9. Bay Bridge report:

    10 AM-ish: fog thick enough that I couldn't see from one gantry to the next, and seeing the other span was iffy.

    8 PM-ish: changeable signs said gusts north of 50 mph, closing the bridge to many vehicles and reducing the speed limit to 40 mph for the rest.

    Throughout: WQNS664 sexbot never stopped fellating Gov. Hogan, didn't mention winds once. Thanks Obama!

  10. Back when we were young, my wonderful first wife and I used to laugh at our parents for what seemed to us like an excessive level of interest in the weather. Later when my job had me out walking the streets for four or five hours a day, or after that when I commuted 130 miles/day over a 7,352-foot mountain pass, weather got a lot more interesting to me.

    But honestly, you folks are obsessive. And I enjoy it very much!

  11. OT: Apparently those people arrested at gunpoint had robbed 4 stores right next to each other that day. Not the brightest criminals.

    1. Also good that you decided to keep driving.

      I read an article long ago by some sociologist that discussed something obvious but that I hadn't thought of before, and that is that people who commit crimes are in large part not in possession of very high IQs. They're idiots. He cited studies of IQ tests and criminals, something like that. Basically LSS the movie stock character of the "criminal mastermind" is hardly the norm.

      1. Well, it's not too surprising. If you're smart enough you'll usually realize there's no way that could end well. I noticed these idiots were near their bicycles. Apparently they thought they could outrun police cars with bikes.

  12. Meanwhile, here in these southern-western states of these United States, it's… oh, never mind…

    Stay safe, lovelies!

  13. By the way, the GFS and ECMWF show another monster low like this one heading through about the same area next week. Definitely keeping an eye on that considering the possible impacts. Another "will it be heavy rain or snow" for Ohio possible…

  14. Noting for both of us that the two cams picked are about 10 miles apart, could be interesting to see the difference.

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