8 thoughts on “Panic in the GOP? Something crazy going on?

  1. So, I never read the odious George Will, but his freak-out is amusing:

    Trump should be bombarded with questions like these:

    What are you hiding by refusing to give the public the aesthetic pleasure of examining what you call your “beautiful” tax returns? Will you at least jot down on a piece of paper your gross income in each of the last three years? And your adjusted gross income on your personal tax returns in the last three years? And how much you paid in federal personal income taxes in those years? And how much each of your companies paid? Will you release the last five years of your personal financial statements — these are already prepared — that banks would have required you to submit annually in connection with the loans you list on the liabilities page of your financial disclosure report?

    I despise Will, but I'll give him a thumbs-up for that. Too bad no one* will ever have the courage to ask TehRump those things…

    * except Rachel Maddow, but Trump would never risk giving her the chance to ask him the time of day

  2. It's only funny, because Trump was one of the all this "let's see the paperwork" bullshit in the first place: however, it should really be nobody's business.

    I don't care how much HRC or Sanders or Obama paid in tax, as long as they filed returns. Same with Trump, Cruz and Rubio.

    It's simply not acceptable to go on fishing expeditions on people, unless there's clearly wrongdoing or hypocrisy. There's certainly nothing "wrong", let alone illegal, in declaring bankruptcy in the past – and what somebody paid in tax is irrelevant, as long as the revenue service is happy.
    That's what they're paid by the taxpayers to sort out for us, after all

    1. There's certainly nothing "wrong", let alone illegal, in declaring bankruptcy in the past

      Would you like someone who's had to go through bankruptcy writing the federal budget?

      1. Absolutely not. But that's not the point here.
        Everyone knows he's been through the banktruptcy courts, so one can make up one's mind on that very salient point, without the prurient curtain-twitching over his most recent tax returns.

        How about Hillary's charitable donations? Does Bernie lease his office computers or did he buy them straight out? Does Ted Cruz still pay any taxes in Canada? Does Rubio own a swimming pool? etc…

  3. Since the CO gop primary is non-binding, this is just an opportunity for party leaders to know what their voters think.
    This just shows they're afraid to find out.

    1. Colorado doesn't have a primary; they use the caucus system, which (ultimately, after county and state party conventions) generates national convention delegates pledged to one or another presidential candidate in the first round of balloting at the national convention. As I read this article, they're choosing delegates who won't be pledged on the first round, which is "smart" if you think there'll be a brokered convention and can use your unpledged status to negotiate for stuff, but dumb if you're naive enough think voters should actually have any say in who gets nominated.

      But as some talking head said yesterday, if Trump goes to the convention with the most delegates but does not get the nom, there will be much unhappiness among the voters.

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