22 thoughts on “Can we cancel this Trump event too?

  1. Well that didn't take them long to blame this on Obama. That Mark Levin fuck said Obama, Hillary and Bernie are crisscrossing the country fomenting this sort of violence to exploit the opportunity. They are using "college student thugs" on their Stalinist campuses.

      1. "Nattering Nabobs of Negativism" was a masterful use of alliteration. Dumb and Wrong, but masterful nonetheless.

        (I knew a guy who had a "Spiro's my Hero" t-shirt bearing a cartoon Spiro Superman. He was an asshole too.)

        EDIT: Oh, right: Mark Levin's a pretzel logician also too.

  2. When's Trump coming to a nice, quiet little town like Baltimore? I can't remember the last time we had racial strife or an outbreak of widespread violence in the streets.

  3. They shoulda taken over the office at the Midewin National Tallgrass Prairie at gunpoint to make their voices heard like real patriots.
    Kudos for the pushback on the GOP bullshit in general and Trump in particular.
    However, my sophisticated pundit analysis is that violence will escalate.

  4. Reporting live from the Chicago Pavilion at the University of Illinois, the Guardian’s Ben Jacobs, Zach Stafford and Ciara McCarthy write that the scene of Donald Trump’s aborted rally is tense.

  5. Per my Midwestern college friends in IL — the CPD never told Trump it was unsafe, and Trump never even went to the venue. Bwak-bwak-bwak.

  6. Veronica Kowalkowsky, an 18-year-old Trump supporter, said before the event started that she had no ill will toward the protesters — but didn’t think they felt the same way.

    “I feel a lot of hate,” she said. “I haven’t said anything bad to anyone.”

    No, you just support a candidate who has said many bad things to lots of people…

    <img src="http://data.whicdn.com/images/35039714/large.gif"&gt;

    1. [Math After 40 in AZ]
      Instructor tells us that she has a membership to the Orpheum Theatre..
      "Oh what's that? What's playing there?" "Well, Saturday Night Fever". Then, because she is a most awesome math geek, goes on to tell us how Travolta is actually a cubic function in his iconic stance.. "I told my boyfriend that and I was so excited!"

      "How did your boyfriend react when you told him that?"
      "What's Saturday Night Fever?" (same person)

      (Really, |kill me now|)

      1. Aw, that was my first R rated movie. My BFF's slightly creepy older brother insisted on taking us when we were 12. We understood very little except for the dancing.

  7. Update: now I am seeing my non-radical peeps making plans to protest future Trump rallies, beginning with Bloomington IL. This may have started a cascade. GOOD.

  8. No shit. It's sad. Also, she is a wonderful teacher! (yeah, I guess we're real slow here.. but goddamn, I only finished Algebra II in high school and that was like 1987– no other higher math.) Really– I ain't smart. I tell myself that I am because I keep learning it. Sheeeeit.

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