2 thoughts on “Canada’s Own Version of Cosby Ends Up Walking

  1. Ghomeshi is a predatory douchebag, who used his position to coerce women into his 'games'.
    I think there was reasonable doubt, unfortunately, in the eyes of the law, but that doesn't make him innocent of the charges.
    This is precisely the kind of case where the Scottish verdict of "not proven" would come in handy.
    At least everyone knows what a loathsome perve this prick is, now.

  2. Justice Horkins cited multiple credibility problems involving Lucy DeCoutere, an actress and air force captain: She became an advocate on sexual assault; she hired a publicist; she did a score of media interviews before the trial; she became excited when actress Mia Farrow tweeted that she was joining her “team”; she exchanged 5,000 electronic messages, some about the case, with the third complainant; and she expressed “extreme animosity” toward Mr. Ghomeshi outside of the courtroom.

    Gee, someone who has experienced sexual violence might speak out against it, advocate for other victims, and dislike her attacker? She must be a liar!!!


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