Next Target of the Kochs: America’s Only True System of Socialized Medicine

8 thoughts on “Next Target of the Kochs: America’s Only True System of Socialized Medicine

  1. There was a discussion in my office today about how soldiers have to share guns. Like rather than having THEIR OWN gun they put it back when they're done or something. One of hte guys was in the army and said that everything they use is crap but hugely expensive crap.


  2. the Koch brothers’ web of affiliates has succeeded in manufacturing or vastly exaggerating “scandals” at the VA as part of a larger campaign to delegitimize publicly provided health care. The Koch-inspired attacks, in turn, have provided the pretext for GOP candidates to rally behind the cause—only recently seen as fringe—of imposing free market “reforms” on the federal government’s second largest agency.

    The attacks have also damaged the reputation of the VA among the broader news-consuming public, and, not coincidently, undermined morale within the agency itself. And they succeeded in stampeding bipartisan majorities in Congress into passing legislation in 2014 that under the guise of offering veterans “choice” has instead created a deeply flawed and unworkable process of outsourcing VA care while also setting in motion a commission that seems intent on dismantling VA-provided health care altogether.

  3. The Kochs poured money into defeating a Nashville bond issue to raise money for zoo expansion…because of course zoos are the socialist version of game parks, or something. So it's only natural that a big bureaucracy of government employees providing medical care in government-owned buildings is a target that appeals to them. What's insidious is the idea of cloaking their desire to destroy the VA system in the patriotic urge to "care" for veterans.

        1. The saddest part about this whole thing? It was completely believable to have it happen in both places despite it only being Columbus. Columbus was so terrible that Jack Hanna got involved in politics. He never does that.

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